Special Feature: The Invisible Husband of Frick Island by Colleen Oakley

Nothing catches my eye like a quirky book. Not only did this title sound odd and quirky but the summary did as well. I mean, the main character’s husband dies and she just keeps right on going like nothing ever happened. If that doesn’t say odd then I am not sure what does. But as oddball as this book sounded, it also sounded like it was going to be a sweet story.

Colleen Oakley is a best selling author and no doubt has the skills to spin an engrossing tale—oddball or otherwise. I feel confident that this book will be another hit for Oakley, it’s already received a ton of praise and when I read this one later this summer, I have no doubt I will be left feeling satisfied and happy even if the summary seems a little heavier.

I really like the idea of an eccentric widow and a hot shot writer coming together romantically. I think this is going to have some chemistry, heart, emotion and an all around solid read that will leave readers feeling happy they picked it up. It is out now so be sure to snag yourself a copy of this great read!


Sometimes all you need is one person to really see you. 

Piper Parrish’s life on Frick Island—a tiny, remote town smack in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay—is nearly perfect. Well, aside from one pesky detail: Her darling husband, Tom, is dead. When Tom’s crab boat capsized and his body wasn’t recovered, Piper, rocked to the core, did a most peculiar thing: carried on as if her husband was not only still alive, but right there beside her, cooking him breakfast, walking him to the docks each morning, meeting him for their standard Friday night dinner date at the One-Eyed Crab. And what were the townspeople to do but go along with their beloved widowed Piper?

Anders Caldwell’s career is not going well. A young ambitious journalist, he’d rather hoped he’d be a national award-winning podcaster by now, rather than writing fluff pieces for a small town newspaper. But when he gets an assignment to travel to the remote Frick Island and cover their boring annual Cake Walk fundraiser, he stumbles upon a much more fascinating tale: an entire town pretending to see and interact with a man who does not actually exist. Determined it’s the career-making story he’s been needing for his podcast, Anders returns to the island to begin covert research and spend more time with the enigmatic Piper—but he has no idea out of all the lives he’s about to upend, it’s his that will change the most. (summary from Goodreads)


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