Special Feature: Match Made in Paradise (Paradise, Alaska #1) by Barbara Dunlop

Berkley Romance books are some of my absolute favorite reads and when I saw this new series was being released, I knew it was going to be golden! Author Barbara Dunlop has written a number of spicy rugged romances and this is a new contempo romance series for her but she is no stranger to the genre of romance.

I am also here for romances set in obscure locations like Alaska. I mean when you think about escaping some where sexy to find unexpected love, Alaska isn’t exactly the place that I think of first but this book might just change my mind! I am so excited to sink my teeth into a sexy rugged hero, so bring on all the swooning!

If romances are your thing (they are definitely mine!) then you aren’t going to want to miss this new series. It’s already receiving sizzling reviews and readers are loving the chemistry between the characters and the stunning setting in Alaska! I am reading this one on my plane ride home and I cannot wait to start it! Pick up a copy for yourself today!


The first in an enchanting new contemporary romance series featuring rugged Alaskan pilots who are about to meet their match from New York Times bestselling author Barbara Dunlop.

Supermodel Mia Westberg has found herself under the scrutiny of the paparazzi after her much older husband dies and leaves her his fashion house. In order to stay out of the public eye, she packs her things and leaves Los Angeles, escaping to visit her cousin Raven, a shipping expeditor working in a remote part of Alaska–where Mia is sure the tabloids won’t follow. But she isn’t ready for everything Paradise, Alaska throws at her: the wild animals, insanely harsh weather, and a certain no-nonsense bush pilot.

When pilot Silas Burke flies a beautiful blonde into town, it doesn’t take him long to figure her out. She’s a spoiled, entitled city girl who has zero business in the rough terrain of Alaska, where the storms are as unforgiving as the dangerous wildlife. After seeing her struggle, and against his better judgment, he helps her acclimate to life in Paradise. But he’s an impatient teacher and she’s a frustrated pupil–and nothing gets them fired up more than each other. Can these two polar opposites find common ground and possibly something more? (summary from Goodreads)

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