Special Feature: Love Blooms (Rendezvous Falls #4) by Jo McNally

If you have spent more than five minutes in line at the grocery store, no doubt you have seen one of Jo McNally’s books! She’s written a number of romance books and anyone who has that kind of staying power and large fan base, has got to be doing something right! Not to mention in the summer I love throwing a solid romance in my purse and heading to the beach. Why not start with a tried and true author!

If contempo romances are your thing and if you haven’t read anything by McNally before—you definitely need to! Her characters feel real and while maybe not overly complex, they are all addressing real feeling situations and I love how quickly I can connect with one of her characters. I haven’t read all the books in the Rendezvous Falls series yet but the one I have read was great and this one sound great too!

Romances always leave me feeling happy and content and McNally is a top selling romance author! It would be hard to find anyone better. If you love romances (especially contempo romances) don’t wait to explore the Rendezvous Falls series. Like many romance series, the focus is on the romance rather than a larger connecting story so don’t worry if you haven’t read the other books. Today I have a bit about this one to share with you guys!


It’s never too late for a second chance…

Tonight should be the best night of Lucy Higgins’s life. Tomorrow she’s finallymarrying Owen Cooper. She’s been waiting to start a life of wedded bliss, like the happy marriage her parents have. Except…she just learned her parents are divorcing and she’s freaking out. Owen has been so distant lately, shutting her out. Suddenly this big wedding seems like a really bad idea. Packing up her car, Lucy bolts for Rendezvous Falls and finds work at a flower shop while she gets her life together. The last thing she expects is for Owen to show up, wanting her back.

Owen Cooper’s carefully planned out life is ready to begin. He’s home from the military to join the family business and marry the sweet girl who captured his heart…until Lucy runs out on him. That was not part of the plan. Armed with an article that promises to help him win her back, Owen heads to Rendezvous Falls. But from the moment he sees her again, she seems…different. Happier, more confident and at ease. Can he convince this new version of Lucy that he’s become the man she deserves? He might need a little help from the local book club to accomplish this mission…

Rendezvous Falls

Book 1: Slow Dancing at Sunrise 

Book 2: Stealing Kisses in the Snow 

Book 3: Barefoot on a Starlit Night


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