Special Feature: The Steal by M. J. Rose and C. W. Gortner

Two of my favorite authors created a book baby and it’s The Steal! Both M.J. Rose and C. W. Gortner are outstanding writers in their own right and I am so excited to read this one and see how their unique voices and styles mesh in this historical fiction novel! Part mystery and part romance, this book sounds like it’s going to hit all the high notes for me!

Plus the cover reminds me of an old James Bond film or some other heist film from the 1950s and I am so here for it! I think the cover alone would be a reason to read this book but the story sounds fun too! Forbidden romance and jewels sounds like a wonderful escape from some of the heavier reading I have been doing lately!

This book is out now and receiving great reviews. As I said both Rose and Gortner have written some wonderful historical fiction and mixed in some great romance. Whenever I pick up one of their books, I never feel disappointed and I am looking forward to reading this one. I know that the classic heist style story here will be a hit with readers and fans of historical fiction. I know I have my eye on it for that reason! Be sure to check out all the details below and snag yourself a copy!


They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend—until they’re stolen.

Ania Throne is devoted to her jewelry company. The daughter of one of the world’s most famous jewelers, she arrives in Cannes with a stunning new collection. But a shocking theft by the notorious thief known as the Leopard throws her into upheaval—and plunges her on an unexpected hunt that challenges everything she believes.

Jerome Curtis thinks he’s seen it all, especially when it comes to crime. Until he’s hired to investigate the loss of Ania Thorne’s collection, his every skill put to the test as he chases after a mysterious master-mind responsible for some of the costliest heists in history—and finds himself in a tangled web with a woman he really shouldn’t fall in love with.

From the fabled Carlton Hotel to the elegant boulevards of Paris, Ania and Jerome must race against time to catch a thief before the thief catches them. With everything on the line, can they solve the steal or will the steal take more than diamonds from them? 

Set in the late 1950s, THE STEAL is a romantic caper by bestselling authors C.W. Gortner and M.J. Rose. (summary from Goodreads)


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