Special Feature: Desperately Seeking a Duchess (All the Duke’s Sins) by Christi Caldwell

I first read Christi Caldwell last summer with the first book in this series, Along Came a Lady. It landed as just ok for me at a 3 star review but it was ‘ok enough’ that I wanted to try other books by Caldwell. I know that Caldwell has written a number of romances and has many fans, Along Came a Lady was a good read but it didn’t stand out to me other than the main hero character was a coal miner. Beyond that it just didn’t distinguish myself. However, here we are almost a year later and that fact that I still remember even that much about the book was enough to make me pause and decide to at least feature this one and naturally add to my TBR.

This one actually sounds better than Along Came a Lady in terms of the plot. It sounds like this is going to be a solid historical romance full of steam and chemistry not to mention a penniless Duke and an heiress who promises to set the Duke’s heart ablaze with her strength. I love historical romances—-cliche or not! Even if I have read books like it before, I always keep coming back to historical romances. They always leave me feeling happy and content. Even if I didn’t love my first Caldwell book, this one sounds like it’s got my name all over it!

I have it all set up to download when it releases next week and can’t wait to read it a little later on this summer! Not only is the cover to die for, but the plot sounds charming and solid. If you love historical romances no doubt you will find something to love in this one. A desperate Duke and a strong heroine always makes for electrifying chemistry in my experience so be sure to check this one out and get it on your radar for this summer!


What happens when an impoverished duke with a reputation for being a rogue collides with a strong-willed heiress who wants to explore the world? An unlikely friendship…and unexpected passion. 

Cailin Audley doesn’t fit in with Polite Society. A life spent among the working class taught her to value her independence in a way no newfound fortune or glittering ballroom could ever erase. When a major misstep sees the new heiress whisked away to the English countryside, Cailin soon realizes the vexing lengths her family will go to see her settled. But having risked her heart once before, Cailin has no interest in the men of the ton–especially not the frustratingly charming Duke of St. James.

Courtland Balfour, the Duke of St. James, devoted brother and notorious rogue, despises what he must become–a fortune hunter. But with the ducal coffers drained by his late, spendthrift of a father, Courtland knows his duty lies at the altar and he will do anything to ensure a future for his siblings. Just his luck that the one lady who could make this new fate bearable, who enflames him like no other, is the one woman who wants nothing to do with him or his title.

But when an act of desperation inadvertently lands he and Cailin at the heart of another scandal, Courtland knows better than to waste his chance. Surely he can convince Cailin to love him? (summary form Goodreads)



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