Special Feature: The Duke’s Rules for Engagement by Jennifer Haymore

There is something about the romance genre that I just can’t get enough of! When I was younger (like late teens and early 20s) I thought that the romance genre was just for lonely housewives with nothing else better to read. Then I started reading more and more romances and next thing I knew, I had to admit I was so wrong about romances. I love reading romances now. There is something so satisfying about KNOWING I am going to get a HEA when the book is over.

Within the romance genre, there are tons of sub genres to choose from. Historical romances are really my jam. I love historical romances and am always thrilled to check out new to me historical romances. Jennifer Haymore is one such ‘new to me author’ that I cannot wait to check out. Haymore had a rash of historical romance novels and series under her belt and I cannot wait to check out her books. Her latest, THE DUKE’S RULES FOR ENGAGEMENT, is her latest novel and one I am thrilled to feature on my blog today!

If you are a historical romance fan you might have heard of some of her books and series. Clearly she is a seasoned writer with lots of fans so I cannot wait to read one of her romances and this one sounded so great! It has hints of enemies to lovers (my favorite troupe) and so much more to recommend itself! It’s out now so be sure and check it out especially if you are a historical romance fan!


Some matches are made in hell…

Joanna Porter loves being one of London’s hottest up-and-coming matchmakers. But her heavenly vocation is about to turn into a nuptial nightmare–thanks to the Duke of Crestmont. He’s as handsome as he is insufferable and obsessed with all things proper. Matching him would cement Jo’s status as England’s greatest matchmaker. Except, of course, the impossible-to-please duke refuses all of her most eligible ladies…confirming his status as a complete and utter pain in her petticoats.

The Duke of Crestmont can’t believe he needs a matchmaker–let alone this spitfire of a woman whose kissable mouth and dancing, impertinent gray eyes tease him ruthlessly. But the people of his estate are counting on him to find a duchess. A proper lady with a flawless pedigree and immaculate deportment. So why can’t he stop himself from wanting his pert, lively matchmaker…instead of the perfect duchess?

Now the entire ton is watching as this determined, audacious matchmaker takes on the most powerful man in London in USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Haymore’s lively new Regency romp. And this show might just be the most outrageous one yet…

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