Special Feature/Excerpt: The Witch of Tin Mountain by Paulette Kennedy

I always love a good old fashion Gothic ghost story. It’s one of my favorite genres to read, especially if it has a romance and some history to it. I read Paulette Kennedy’s debut novel, Parting the Veil, and it was pretty good which made me excited to check her latest novel out. Unlike traditional Gothic novels, this one isn’t set on the moors of England but the Ozarks which made me excited to check it out since the setting would be so different.

Plus time time period was intriguing to me—-the Depression era instead of the Victorian age. I love when authors take classic troupes and change it up by doing a different time period or setting—-in this case both! The only thing I am sad about is that I couldn’t fit this one into my review schedule for January, but I was thrilled I could offer you guys an excerpt instead! This book is a standalone so you don’t need to read Kennedy’s first book in order to enjoy this one.

Early reviewers have been really enjoying this atmospheric read and I cannot wait to check it out later this year. This excerpt today promises an intriguing book with lots of characters and a truly haunted atmosphere. I am super excited to share this excerpt with you guys, so keep reading to enjoy a tease from the book! This book promises it all—-magic, cults, witchcraft, atmosphere, and of course some creepiness! Be sure to get this one on your TBR list today!


In Depression-era Arkansas, something wicked has come to a haunted mountain town in a novel of uncanny suspense by the author of Parting the Veil.

Blood and power bind three generations of women in the Ozark Mountains. So does an evil that’s followed them across the decades.

1931. Gracelynn Doherty lives peacefully on Tin Mountain, helping her adoptive granny work her cures. Despite whispers that the women are witches, the superstitious locals still seek them out, whether they suffer from arthritis or a broken heart. But when evangelist Josiah Bellflower comes to town touting miracle healing, full bellies, and prosperity, his revivals soon hold Tin Mountain in thrall—and Granny in abject fear.

Granny recognizes Josiah. Fifty years ago, in a dark and desperate moment, she made a terrible promise. Now Josiah, an enemy, has returned to collect his due.

As Granny sickens and the drought-ridden countryside falls under a curse, Gracelynn must choose: flee Tin Mountain and the only family she knows or confront the vengeful preacher whose unholy mission is to destroy her. (summary from Goodreads)


“Anneliese had a queer way about her. A cunning way. Folks were unsettled by her looks and manner, even though she never harmed a soul. She had her son when she was little more than a girl herself—my pa—and after she died, folks claimed he was the devil’s boy.” Granny chuckles. “If you’d known my pa, you’d laugh yourself to death at the thought. No. His daddy was an Osage scout who Anneliese healed after a skirmish with some settlers. She had a lifelong kinship with the Indians because of that. They trusted her. Traded with her. You can imagine how well that went over with the settlers. That’s when the rumors first started to gain their steam.” 

“Folks always got something wicked to say about people who are different, don’t they?”

“They sure do, Gracie. But my Oma never harmed a soul. She helped people. Nurtured the sick and the land. She blessed Bartholemew Ray’s fields and orchard with her charms, because he was kind to her pa and kept him in work. She’d speak her words over the Rays’ cattle and their cows’d give milk so rich you could churn butter with a few turns of a spoon. Even if she was a bit strange, folks cast their aspersions, but they let her be. Until he came along.” 


“Nathaniel Walker. The preacher who drove them to burn her.” 

“She’s the witch from them old stories, then. The reason for the curse.” 

Granny frowns. “Wherever a witch’s blood is spilled, a curse remains on the land. That’s the saying, all right. Nobody ever blames the men that do the killing and the burning, do they? Instead, they blame the witch.” 

Granny’s right. 

The witch poisoned my well. 

The witch cursed my crops. 

The witch stole my husband. 

And on and on it goes, from the first witch, down to the last.




“With LGBTQ representation, Kennedy’s captivating second novel is perfect for historical fiction readers who enjoy a bit of witchcraft, folklore, and mystery.” —Booklist

“Kennedy weaves an achingly beautiful tale full of dark folklore, powerful women, and spine-tingling suspense. Deirdre’s and Gracelynn’s stories will grab you by the heart and stay with you long after the last page.” —Hester Fox, author of A Lullaby for Witches

“Brilliant and enthralling, The Witch of Tin Mountain left me breathless. Gracie and Deirdre are two unforgettable characters, and their stories twine in an intricate braid of complex beauty. Kennedy has secured her place as one of the very best in historical fiction.” —Olivia Hawker, bestselling author of One for the Blackbird, One for the Crow

“Kennedy’s sophomore novel weaves a mysterious, gorgeous tale that spans three generations of witches living in Arkansas—and the man who haunts them. A stunning work filled with fear, dark folklore, an Ozarkian voice that grabs you by the throat, and suspense that will keep you guessing, The Witch of Tin Mountain is the perfect read for a bleak winter’s day under the covers…with a flashlight.” —Maria Tureaud, author of The Last Hope in Hopetown

“Hauntingly atmospheric and crackling with life, The Witch of Tin Mountain is an unforgettable story of family, magic, love, hypocrisy, and the power—for good or evil—we all carry with us. The richly painted Ozark setting leaps from the page, and all three interlaced story lines are captivating, heartbreaking, and triumphant in equal measure. I inhaled this book in two days. Witchy readers won’t want to miss it.” —Allison Epstein, author of A Tip for the Hangman

“Atmospheric and haunting, The Witch of Tin Mountain flawlessly weaves folklore and history into a compelling generational story of love, evil, and magic. With vivid characters and an immersive dive into the beauty and superstitions of her native Ozarks, Paulette Kennedy delivers a darkly captivating novel that readers will devour.” —Erin Litteken, author of The Memory Keeper of Kyiv

“Paulette Kennedy has surely cast a spell with The Witch of Tin Mountain. This multigenerational saga beautifully illuminates a little-known (and often misunderstood) corner of America and its history while also providing spine-tingling, eerie chills and thrills along the way. I absolutely devoured this spooky, atmospheric book!” —Alyssa Palombo, author of The Spellbook of Katrina Van Tassel

“Kennedy beautifully captures the earthy, rural, charismatic traditions in her native Ozarks…Gritty and atmospheric, her alluring sophomore novel weaves spiritualism, demons, feminism, and folklore with more than a few twists before the book’s satisfying ending. I loved every page!” —Constance Sayers, author of The Ladies of the Secret Circus and A Witch in Time

“The Witch of Tin Mountain is a skillfully plotted home run about three generations of strong women who are bound by history and a curse. Kennedy will delight you with unexpected twists and turns where suspicions and accusations rule the land. Thoroughly enjoyed, a true feast for readers everywhere.” —Andie Newton, USA Today bestselling author of A Child for the Reich

“The Witch of Tin Mountain is lush, gripping, and deliciously creepy. Paulette Kennedy, author of the standout debut, Parting the Veil, transports readers to the heart of the Ozarks, a place as brutal as it is hauntingly beautiful, and the home of three generations of women whose special powers make them the target of an evil man set on destroying them. With elegant prose and captivating storytelling, Kennedy spins a fiercely feminist page-turner about the power of love, loyalty, and family—reminding us that it’s the women in our lives who give us strength and provide a light during our darkest hours. This spectacular sophomore novel proves that Kennedy is an author to watch, in the world of gothic fiction and beyond.” —Elissa Grossell Dickey, author of The Speed of Light and Iris in the Dark

“The Witch of Tin Mountain drew me in from the very first chapter. Paulette Kennedy takes readers on a journey across generations into the heart of the Ozark mountains where women rise above sexism with cleverness, strength, and—if you listen to the ne’er-do-well traveling preacher—witchcraft.” —Jennifer Bardsley, author of Sweet Bliss

“Electrifying! This multigenerational tale that travels across time and space is woven together like a delicate tapestry, and it will stay with you long after the last page.” —Mansi Shah, author of The Taste of Ginger and The Direction of the Wind

“Rich with sense of place, brimming with historical detail, and deliciously spiced with authoritative dialect, this tale of women’s resourcefulness and passion and power is pure magic. Kennedy knows the Ozarks and is uniquely qualified to bring the Ozarks culture alive. A thoroughly readable novel!” —Louisa Morgan, author of The Great Witch of Brittany

About the Author

Writing historical fiction for the romantic-at-heart reader who craves page-turning twists and a touch of the supernatural, Paulette Kennedy infuses her stories with realistic detail to create a cinematic, immersive experience for the reader.

As a history lover, she can get lost for days in her research—learning everything she can about the places in her novels and what her characters might have experienced in the past.

Originally from the Missouri Ozarks, Paulette now lives with her family in a quiet suburb of Los Angeles. In her free time, she enjoys tending to her garden, knitting, and finding unique vintage treasures at thrift stores and flea markets.


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