Special Feature: A Love by Design (The Secret Scientists of London #3) by Elizabeth Everett

In the last few years I have been really noticing an upswing in STEM based romances! They seem to be everywhere and I love reading about academic romances. But I feel like most of the STEM based romances are contempo romances with young hot upcoming scientists showing just how excited and sexy science can be. This is one of the reasons this book series stood out to me—it’s a historical fiction series with science at its heart!

I love that these books are all set in the Victorian age, that period is ripe for stories about science and technological advancement! I am really excited to read this series and honestly it’s a shock that I haven’t read the series yet. It should tick all the boxes for me, smart women, swoon worthy heroes, Victorian England, and of course some science to sweeten the pot! From what I am hearing the books can be read out of order so if you are looking for a sexy new historical romance I would say jump into this series wherever you want.

Since this book is out now, I think I am going to see if I can work it in a little later this spring for review. I have some travel coming up and would love to fill my travel days with some happy and fun romances and this seems like it will fit the bill! But for now I only had room for a feature but after reading early reviews and hearing other people rave about this fun series, I am bumping it up on my TBR list and going to check it out later this spring so be watching for a full review coming soon!


You couldn’t design a better hero than the very eligible and extremely charming Earl Grantham. Unless, of course, you are Margaret Gault, who wants nothing to do with the man who broke her youthful heart. 

Widowed and determined, Margaret Gault has returned to Athena’s Retreat and the welcoming arms of her fellow secret scientists with an ambitious plan in mind: to establish England’s first woman-owned engineering firm. But from the moment she sets foot in London her plans are threatened by greedy investors and–at literally every turn–the irritatingly attractive Earl Grantham, a man she can never forgive.

George Willis, the Earl Grantham, is thrilled that the woman he has loved since childhood has returned to London. Not as thrilling, however, is her decision to undertake an engineering commission from his political archnemesis. When Margaret’s future and Grantham’s parliamentary reforms come into conflict, Grantham must use every ounce of charm he possesses–along with his stunning good looks and flawless physique, of course–to win Margaret over to his cause.

Facing obstacles seemingly too large to dismantle, will Grantham and Margaret remain forever disconnected or can they find a way to bridge their differences, rekindle the passion of their youth, and construct a love built to last? (summary from Goodreads)


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