Special Feature/Excerpt: The Baronet’s Lady Biologist by Alissa Baxter

The Baronet’s Lady Biologist by Alissa Baxter

Publication Date: February 28, 2023
Vinspire Publishing

Genre: Traditional/Sweet Regency
Series: The Linfield Ladies Series, Book 3

Georgiana Linfield is a lady biologist who is determined to travel the world. Upon arriving in London for the Season, she decides the best way to fulfil her dreams is to find an amenable husband to indulge her every whim. Refusing to give up her interest in natural history for a dull domestic life, she sets out to forge a different path for herself.

When her father���s elderly cousin asks her to set his natural history collection in order, she accepts his request with joy. However, the task brings her into almost daily contact with his godson, Sir Giles Tavistock, a renowned entomologist, who regards her with some suspicion. When Sir Giles discovers her skills as a scientific illustrator, he asks her to sketch his South American butterfly collection, and they forge an uneasy truce.

Their tenuous connection is shattered, however, when Sir Giles believes a rumour casting Georgiana in a far from flattering light. Vowing to have nothing more to do with him, she keeps him at a distance. But when the baronet���s butterflies attract unwanted attention, a series of events unravel that make Georgiana wonder if the famous collector might have done the impossible and captured her heart.

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About the Author

Alissa Baxter wrote her first Regency romance during her long university holidays. After travelling the world, she settled down to write her second Regency novel, which was inspired by her time living on a country estate in England. Alissa then published two chick lit novels, The Truth About Clicking Send and Receive (previously published as Send and Receive) and The Truth About Cats and Bees (previously published as The Blog Affair).

Many years later, Alissa returned to her favourite period with her Linfield Ladies Series, a trio of Regency romances that feature women in trend-setting roles who fall in love with men who embrace their trailblazing ways…at least eventually. Alissa currently lives in Johannesburg with her husband and two sons. She is a member of The Beau Monde – Regency Fiction Writers.

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Georgiana made her way upstairs to her bedchamber. Decorated in delicate shades of blue and gold, it was warm and cosy, with a fire burning merrily in the grate. She stretched her hands out to the dancing flames long enough to feel their warmth and then walked over to the window. She smiled wistfully at the view below—an oblong, shrub-filled garden enclosed by an iron balustrade in the centre of the Square.

Her mother had allowed her to collect worms from the garden in boxes when she was a child. But now that she was about to make her come-out, it was doubtful that Mama would consent to such activities. She let out a deep sigh before turning around when the door opened. Kirby, the lady’s maid her mother had hired for her in Bristol, entered the room.

Kirby directed Peter, the footman, where to place Georgiana’s trunks, and when he left the room, she bobbed a curtsey. “Her ladyship requests that you join her in the drawing room, ma’am.”

After the maid assisted her into another gown and tidied her somewhat rumpled curls, Georgiana made her way to the airy reception room. She came to an abrupt halt when she crossed the threshold. If she could beat a retreat, she would… Her brother, Rothbury, spoke to her mother, and standing beside him near the fireplace was Sir Giles Tavistock.

The baronet bowed when he saw her, and she dropped a curtsey in return before hurrying over to Rothbury. He took her outstretched hands and smiled. “How are you, brat?”

“All the better for seeing you.” She squeezed his fingers. “How is Cassy?”

“Very well. She plans to visit later today. Sir Giles and I were just passing on our way to White’s.” He turned towards the baronet. “I believe you have already met my cousin, Georgie?”

“We met at Linfield.” Stepping away from Rothbury, she inclined her head. “How do you do, sir?”

Her mother, seated on the chintz sofa, said in a bright voice: “Georgiana, I have been telling Sir Giles all about your great love for butterflies. He has promised to bring his collection for you to view. Whyever didn’t you make the time to see it when Sir Giles was staying at Beverton? Your father was amazed that you did not jump at the opportunity.”

Georgiana met the baronet’s eyes and flushed. “Yes, well, I was fully occupied in completing my work in the museum before we left for London.”

“Such conscientiousness,” Sir Giles murmured.

She smiled coolly. “Nothing holds a greater attraction for me than my work, Sir Giles.”

“Nothing, Miss Linfield?” His blue eyes glinted.

“Nothing at all.”

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The Baronet’s Lady Biologist

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