Special Feature: Death and Croissants (Follet Valley Mysteries #1) by Ian Moore

So many cozy mysteries are written by women and about women with a woman protagonist, which is why this one caught my eye. It’s written by a man with a male protagonist at the helm! You don’t see that too much in the cozy genre so I was eager to check this one out. This book is billed as a quirky, British style comedy, cozy mystery. There is a lot happening in that description and I think for the right reader, it will garner attention! I love quirky British humor and of course I love cozy mysteries so naturally this one stood out to me. Although that might not be the case for other readers and that’s ok but if you are looking for something a little different within the cozy genre, then this might be a good option for you!

I loved that the main character was going to be this middle aged man—-not exactly what I would have expected but I think it will work in this book. This book kicks off with the murder of one of Richard (the protagonist) chickens! If that doesn’t scream different and quirky then I don’t know what does! This book is one in a series of three books in the Follet Valley Mysteries and I think that readers will enjoy a new, quirky main character to get to know with some interesting murders to solve!

While I couldn’t fit this one into my review schedule, I couldn’t resist sharing this cozy with you guys today. I am eager to check this one out and see how funny and quirky it is! It sounds like a quick and easy murder mystery that will be a pleasure to read on the beach this spring/summer. If you enjoy cozy mysteries but maybe want to try something a little off the beaten path then I think you will find something in this one to enjoy. It promises a light hearted approach with a funny character and mystery to solve, give it a shot and see if this is something that catches your eye!


Richard is a middle-aged Englishman who runs a B&B in the fictional Val de Follet in the Loire Valley. Nothing ever happens to Richard, and really that’s the way he likes it.

One day, however, one of his older guests disappears, leaving behind a bloody handprint on the wallpaper. Another guest, the exotic Valérie, persuades a reluctant Richard to join her in investigating the disappearance.

Richard remains a dazed passenger in the case until things become really serious and someone murders Ava Gardner, one of his beloved hens … and you don’t mess with a fellow’s hens!

Unputdownable mystery set in rural France, by TV/radio regular and bestselling author Ian Moore – perfect for fans of Richard Osman’s Thursday Murder Club, Julia Chapman, or M.C. Beaton. (Summary from Goodreads)


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