Special Feature: Ana Maria and the Fox (The Luna Sisters #1) by Liana De la Rosa

I love historical romances just as much as the next person. But admittedly, I get tired of reading about London heiresses who are skinny, virginal, white girls who meet equally rich, handsome, rogue-ish dukes and fall in love. I often find myself wondering where are all the people of color in all of these narratives? Did they not ever find love too? That’s what made me super excited for this book. Today I am only featuring this book but I did rearrange my reading schedule to read this book. I am starting it at the end of this month and I cannot WAIT. I am so excited for this book.

This book was recently added as a Book of the Month book so if you have book credits to use, this might be a good option for you! The first thing that stood out to me about this book beyond just the diversity of the characters, but the global feel of this book. There is the familiar landscape of London and the London season mixed with the Mexico connection with the heiress and the French occupation of Mexico at this time. I think this books is going to have a lot for readers to enjoy and unpack as the novel goes on. This doesn’t sounds like your run of the mill historical romance novel but rather something full of history and a newness that readers will cling to!

Oh ya and there is romance. I love a swoon worthy romance and early reviews are raving about the chemistry between Gideon and Ana Maria. I cannot wait for a sexy swoon worthy historical romance that is new and diverse. This book is on the top of my TBR list and I cannot wait to share my thoughts on it once I am done reading. But for now, this book promises to be a hot new release so do not miss our on this one! It’s out now and on Book of the Month so be sure to get your copy now!


A forbidden love between a Mexican heiress and a shrewd British politician makes for a tantalizing Victorian season.

Ana María Luna Valdés has strived to be the perfect daughter, the perfect niece, and the perfect representative of the powerful Luna familia. So, when Ana María is secretly sent to London with her sisters to seek refuge during the French occupation of Mexico, she experiences her first taste of freedom far from the judgmental eyes of her domineering father. If only she could ignore the piercing looks she receives across ballroom floors from the austere Mr. Fox.

Gideon Fox elevated himself from the London gutters by chasing his burning desire for more: more opportunities, more choices. For everyone. Now as a member of Parliament, Gideon’s on the cusp of securing the votes he needs to put forth a measure to abolish the Atlantic slave trade once and for all–a cause that is close to his heart as the grandson of a formerly enslaved woman. The charmingly vexing Ana María is a distraction he must ignore.

But when Ana María finds herself in the crosshairs of a nefarious nobleman with his own political agenda, Gideon knows he must offer his hand as protection…but will this Mexican heiress win his heart as well? (summary from Goodreads)


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