Special Feature: Summer Reading by Jenn McKinlay

Bring on all the summer books! I spent Mother’s Day at the beach where it was over 90 degrees (highly unusual for Oregon!) and I sat there reading a book set in the French Revolution and all I could think about was—-where are all my good beach reads at??? As soon as that sun comes out and we start spending more time at the coast, I start really looking for books that are going to be light and relaxing plus set on the beach is a bonus!

One of the first authors I thought of was Jenn McKinlay! I read her book Wait for It last year that was set in Arizona, she writes great destination novels and I saw that this book was coming out soon and I couldn’t wait to share it with you guys! Her other book Paris is Always a Good Idea was another travel based book that I really enjoyed so naturally I saw this one and had to add it to my TBR list for later this summer! This book is set in Martha’s Vineyard and I am super excited to share a bit about this one with you guys today!

If you love beach reads and romances that are enjoyable, relaxing and well written with a travel flair I think you will really enjoy McKinlay’s books! I couldn’t fit this one in presently but you better believe I am going to toss this one in my summer beach bag and read it on my next trip to the coast! This book is out now so don’t wait to snag yourself a copy! Lots of early readers have been loving this one and if her other books are any indicator, this one is going to be a hit with fans as well!


When a woman who’d rather do anything than read meets a swoon-worthy bookworm, sparks fly, making for one hot-summer fling in New York Times bestselling author Jenn McKinlay’s new rom-com.

For Samantha Gale, a summer on Martha’s Vineyard at her family’s tiny cottage was supposed to be about resurrecting her career as a chef, until she’s tasked with chaperoning her half-brother, Tyler. The teenage brainiac is spending his summer at the local library in a robotics competition, and there’s no place Sam, who’s dyslexic, likes less than the library. And because the universe hates her, the library’s interim director turns out to be the hot-reader guy whose book she accidentally destroyed on the ferry ride to the island.

Bennett Reynolds is on a quest to find his father, whose identity he’s never known. He’s taken the temporary job on the island to research the summer his mother spent there when she got pregnant with him. Ben tells himself he isn’t interested in a relationship right now. Yet as soon as Sam knocks his book into the ocean, he can’t stop thinking about her.

An irresistible attraction blossoms when Ben inspires Sam to create the cookbook she’s always dreamed about and she jumps all in on helping him find his father, and soon they realize their summer fling may heat up into a happily ever after. (summary from Goodreads)


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