Special Feature: The Officer and the Spy by Jenny Ashcroft

I have read and adored two of Jenny Ashcroft’s books! She has this great flair for exotic feeling books with romance, history, and intrigue. I have really really really loved the books she has put out and I am so excited for this one as well! Set on the island of Crete during WWII, I cannot wait to dive into this book and be fully transported! I was so sad that my spring reading schedule filled up so fast so I had to opt for a feature for this one but you better believe I have it on my TBR for the summer!

I am most excited by how compelling this book sounds—-a romance between two young kids gets turned on its head with war and the occupation of the small island of Crete. The two main characters are now enemies and yet they have this romance that is undeniable. I cannot wait to see how that plays out and how the characters work through those issues. It sounds like a wonderful book and romance!

One of the things that I have always felt with Ashcroft’s books is she does a fabulous amount of research. I wasn’t even aware that the Nazi’s occupied Crete so knowing that she has written a book about it makes me so excited since she always illustrates history so well. If you haven’t read anything by Ashcroft yet, you need to remedy that situation! She is a great writer and the attention to detail is top shelf! I know I am going to get a beautiful love story full of history and an exotic location, if that doesn’t sound like a winning combo then I don’t know what is!


Under the Cretan sun, in the summer of 1936, two young people fall in love…

Eleni has been coming to Crete her entire life, swapping her English home for cherished sun-baked summers with her grandfather in his idyllic shoreside villa. When she arrives in 1936, she believes the long, hot weeks ahead will be no different to so many that have gone before.

But someone else is visiting the island that year too: a young German man called Otto. And so begins a summer of innocence lost, and love discovered; one that is finite, but not the end.

When, in 1941, the island falls to a Nazi invasion, Eleni and Otto meet there once more. But this time Eleni has returned to fight for her home, and Otto to occupy it. They are enemies, and their love is not only treacherous, but also dangerous. But will it destroy them, or prove strong enough to overcome the ravages of war?

An epic tale of secrets, love, loyalty, family and how far you’d go to keep those you love safe, The Officer and The Spy is an exquisite and deeply moving love letter to Crete – one that will move every reader to tears. (summery from Goodreads)


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