Interview: The Midnight Witch by Paula Brackston

Double bubble, toil and trouble! Come celebrate the spring equinox with a bewitching tale of historic fiction, romance, and magic! This spring, you don’t want to miss Paula Brackston’s latest novel, The Midnight Witch.

Brackston is the best selling author of The Witch’s Daughter and The Winter Witch.  This latest novel is set in Edwardian London where the Duke of Randor has just passed away leaving his daughter, Lilith, as the leader of Lazarus Coven.

I am thrilled to be able to offer a copy of this novel in a giveaway which will be happening all week (see the giveaway post to enter for a chance to win). There is a little preview of the book at the end of this interview too for your enjoyment! Brackston also agreed to an interview with me as part of the release of this magical novel. So without further ado please welcome Paula Brackston to The Lit Bitch!

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Interview: The Longest Date: Life as a Wife by Cindy Chupack

The best selling author of The Between Boyfriends Book and an award-winning writer for Sex and the City and Modern Family takes a hilarious and at times, a heartbreaking look at marriage in her latest novel, The Longest Date: Life as a Wife.

Chupack has spent much of her adult life writing about dating and relationships for several hit TV series and as a sex columnist for O, The Oprah Magazine. At the age of thirty-nine, she finally found The One—and a wealth of new material.

Marriage, Cindy discovered, was more of an adventure than she ever imagined, and in this collection of essays she deftly examines the comedy and cringe-worthy aspects of matrimony. Soulful yet self-deprecating,The Longest Date recounts her first marriage (he was gay) and the meeting of Husband No. 2, Ian.

After the courtship and ceremony, both Cindy and Ian realized that happily ever after takes some practice, and near constant negotiation over everyday matters like cooking, sex, holidays, monogamy, and houseguests. The Longest Date takes a serious turn when it comes to infertility.

As part of the upcoming release of this novel, I am honored to host not only a Q & A with Cindy Chupak but a giveaway that includes a paperback copy of The Longest Date for which I will post a seperate post for you to enter to win! For now, please join me in welcoming Cindy Chupak to The Lit Bitch!

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Interview: Rasputin’s Shadow by Raymond Khoury

As part of the Rasputin’s Shadow blog tour, author Raymond Khoury has done a fabulous Q & A! Without further ado, please welcome Raymond Khoury to The Lit Bitch!

Q: RASPUTIN’S SHADOW is a great mix of technology, history, and action, but there is a little romance too. How do you work to balance these in the novel?

A: I guess it just comes from practice, really. I’ve been a storyteller for years, whether in screenplays of in my previous five novels, and I suppose it’s just a personal preference for how to tell a story, for the pacing, for having a gut feeling about when those different aspects should pop up and not jar or crowd each other out. It’s not something I consciously map out, I don’t outline the books; I just spend a lot of time setting up the characters and their motivations, the triggers of the story, then I let them loose and the story—and all the elements you refer to—come in when it feels right.

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Guest Post: The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Real Magic by Emily Croy Barker

If you haven’t already had a chance to check out my review of The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Real Magic by Emily Croy Barker, then you are missing out on a great and magic read! Before she moved into the fantasy genre, Barker worked as a journalist for over twenty years.

Barker graciously agreed to talk about what that transition was like for her in this weeks guest post! So without further ado please welcome Emily Croy Barker to The Lit Bitch!

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Announcement: BookTrib Features Live Chat with Anne Rice

See Anne Rice as you have never seen her before!

In case you weren’t able to attend ThrillerFest this year, ThrilllerMaster and Queen of the Dead, Anne Rice was interviewed by her son and fellow author, Christopher Rice during an amazing spotlight session.

BookTrib is hosting an Exclusive Screening and Giveaway, “A Conversation with Anne Rice and Christopher Rice at ThrillerFestVIII” which will air on August 5 from 8 to 12 p.m. ET on

BookTrib members will also have the opportunity to win a signed copy of THE WOLF GIFT!

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