Prague Day 4: Terezin and that One Jew Kid

Hands down visiting Terezin concentration camp was the coolest thing we did while we were there. If we are going to the Czech Republic this is a must do! It was probably one of the most impactful experiences I’ve had in my life.

Sam and I had the morning free before we got picked up by our tour company at 12:30. So like any good tourists we were up with the sun (more or less) and headed out to look at the Castle.

So even though we knew our hotel was ‘500 meters’ from the castle, we still weren’t exactly sure how to get there……well let’s just say…..we are f-ing stupid. So We walk out of our hotel and head up the street.

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Prague Day 3: Karlstjen Castle and 28,000 steps later

Today was a big day for us….we got a lot in, not to mention we walked 28,000 steps (over 5 miles). So prepare yourself people, this post is going to be epic in length!

This morning we were up early for a trip to Karlštejn Castle. I would like to know in what countries do people actually eat hot dogs and baked beans for breakfast?

I love that our hotel has a free breakfast included in our stay and all, but I found it a little strange that hot dogs and baked beans were even an option for the morning meal….but others didn’t because a lot of other guests were eating them. I opted for scrambles eggs and cereal instead… large amounts of coffee since I only slept intermittently for a grand total of about 5 hours all together.

We booked a few tours through Grey Line Tours, which is the same company we used in England and we had positive expierneces with them that time so we went with them again. I will say we had an equally good experience this time with them as well. They are affordable, nothing fancy but their tours get the job done.

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Prague Day 1 and 2: Soul Plane and the Missing Deodorant

I should have known that things weren’t going to go well for us when I realized I forgot to pack deodorant. Sam and I share deodorant and each thought that the other packed it.

So here were are, sitting in our Portland hotel the night before we leave for Prague when we realize…..shit, we don’t have deodorant.

We get up Friday morning early (4:30 am) and depart for Portland airport and check into Virgin Airlines for the PDX to LAX by way of San Francisco Airport (SF) flight that we have been dreading….cause really, 4 plane changes is just excessive even if we are flying across the Atlantic.

No thanks to Expedia, we were forced to change some of our flight plans but we thought we had it all figured out until we checked in at PDX. The Expedia fiasco was an entirely different set of craziness……let’s just say……we will probably never use Expedia again let’s just leave it that way!

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Locked up abroad & our return home–Aruba Vacation (Days VII/VIII)

I suppose comparing our VERY short detention at immigration to the National Geographic Chanel show Locked-Up Abroad is a GROSS OVER exaggeration. However after watching that show I am paranoid and when the US Customs agents stopped Sam and I at the airport all I could think of was ‘OMG it’s like that show….I’m never going home’!!! Though I was obviously not carrying drugs, firearms, or explosives….my thoughts drifted to the suitcase carrying the seashells that Sam had teased me about the night before…’I’m going to die laughing when they stop you, search your bag and then the shells and you get deported’.

After waking up early and eating a large breakfast (waffles this time) we caught our shuttle to the airport where were had to navigate the hordes of tourists trying to figure out the small airport. And when I say small airport….it’s like a single terminal airport….small. The US departures part was flooded with Americans all trying to figure out which way to go. Oh and let me just say….I have never seen so much luggage in my LIFE. I swear every person we saw had a carry on, personal item, LARGE checked suitcase, and a golf bag…..really??? Continue reading “Locked up abroad & our return home–Aruba Vacation (Days VII/VIII)”

The lure of nuclear radiation & heat exhaustion–Aruba Vacation (Day VI)

The soft warm trade winds wake me gingerly from sleep…a quiet whisper calling me back to reality. I hear the soothing waves breaking slowly, calmly on the white beaches not too far off. It’s may favorite time of morning, the sun has just risen but people are not quite awake yet, the day is new and fresh….anything is possible.

As I lay in our hotel room with the window open I try to commit this last moment to memory….and every memory from our vacation, the sights, the smells, the sounds….everything about our adventures and experiences so I can recall them later, remembering every little detail.

I lick my lips….they taste salty, though I have not been sweating or in the water. After a quick deduction I realize it must be from the air which practically SMELLS salty!! My skin is soft from the nourishing aloe sunscreen I use on a regular basis, I haven’t worn makeup in five days but I haven’t needed it–I get a nice blush and bronze color from the sun.

My hair has dried naturally and though the salty seas and sun dry it out, the humidity preserves the moisture so my hair can at least look acceptable in a pony tail. The relaxed atmosphere has finally set in and today is our last day here….tomorrow afternoon we will awake from our dream and depart ‘our’ quiet Aruban paradise and return to civilization and….daily life which for us is high stress jobs, responsibilities, and RAIN. Continue reading “The lure of nuclear radiation & heat exhaustion–Aruba Vacation (Day VI)”