Discussion #6: Outlander Reading Challenge 2012

The sixth discussion post for the Outlander Reading Challenge is up! As noted, I will be posting monthly meme’s/discussions for both reading challenges I am hosting, Outlander and Game of Thrones.These are meant purely for fun and by no means required to participate in the challenges. I will post five questions for you all to mull over and I will answer one of the questions myself to start off the discussion. I also invite you to post your favorite quote or passage from the book as well.

Remember to link your responses or reviews back to your blog using the Mr Linky on the corresponding Monthly Meme page or you can simply leave your response in the comments. The goal is to have some fun discussions and talk about the books.

Challenge participants I hope you are all making progress in the series, but if not no worries we do have all year. No matter where you are in the book or series, you are more than welcome to discuss the book right along with us….

Discussion Questions

  1. Do you think Roger is having an affair with Amy McCallum?  Is he looking to her for the respect he doesn’t get from Bree?  Is he attracted to Amy because she needs him as Bree does not?
  2. Do you think Bonnet’s dream about drowning is prophetic?  What do you think of Bree’s promise not to let him drown?
  3. Why do you think Ian chose to talk to Bree about Emily and not Jamie or Claire?
  4. Jamie’s reasons for wanting to make love to Claire right away seem very complicated.  How much of that do you think goes back to his own rape, and how he tried to push Claire away from him?
  5. How are you feeling about the characters at this point in the series? Are there things happening in the plot that are a little ‘off’ or ‘out of character’ for some of the cast? Discuss what’s working and what isn’t for you up to this point.

The Lit Bitch’s Response

Question #5:  For me in this book, things started to go a little awry and just down right weird. There were some things that this book lacked that others had an abundance of such as all the introspection and philosophical reflection as well as the romantic language and scenery. I’m sorry I have to be honest here….I am NOT terribly in love with American scenery so when I think of ‘backcountry’ is moonshine and missing teeth…the sticks! When I picture Jamie in the Carolina back-country distilling his whiskey, all I see is good ole’ Jethro and the Beverly Hillbillies!

Maybe it’s just me but it was a little hard for me to work through, I much preferred him as a dashing Highlander roaming the misty moors on horseback, plaid flapping in the wind. For me one of the things I loved about Jamie and Book I was the it eerie feeling of  superstition, romance, and mystery which fills the Highlands—traditions long since forgotten but yet still practiced simply because there was no reason not to like speaking ‘the Gaelic’, pagan rituals, or worrying about spirits that wander the moors trapped in limbo. So for me, setting was a big deal and a big part of the romance which I felt like was lost in this book.

Besides some of the mechanics, the other things that weren’t working for me were the paths of many of the main characters. For example, the whole Brianna and Bonnet thing when Forbes sold her to him was a little bit of a stretch especially with them sleeping in the same bed together and developing a kind of intimate understanding….awkward. And then Bree kills him….shooting his balls off seemed more natural and normal for Bree, but out right killing him was a struggle for me to accept from her character.

Claire’s rape to me was a lot a little off…..one woman lead character raped ok but Claire?!!? Poor Jamie is going to go completely crazy one day. First the thought his sister was raped by Randall, then he himself was rapped by Randall, then Brianna and Bonnet and then Claire?!?! How much raping can one family take??

Finally, Fergus’s attempted suicide and the birth of the dwarf was a little…???…..for me. The dwarf…OK, but the attempted suicide didn’t jive with how I see Fergus. I see Fergus as one who is fairly content with his life and just accepts things and is greatful for whatever he can get–love and affection-wise anyway. So I was shocked when we found out he tried to commit suicide.

While I enjoyed this book there were just some things that weren’t working for me compared to the other books.

Favorite Quote/Passage

Time is a lot of the things people say that God is. There’s the always preexisting, and having no end…and time is of course, all healing. give anything enough time, and everything is taken care of: all pain encompasses, all hardship erased, all loss subsumed…and if time is anything akin to God, I suppose that memory must be the devil.

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