The Lit Bitch is hosting the 2013 Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire) Reading Challenge

Winter is coming.

Well I guess technically winter is already here in Oregon’s as is it almost everywhere else in the Northern hemisphere….LOL :) .

Back by popular demand, I decided to host a very informal reading challenge for the A Song of Ice and Fire series again this year on my blog. The rules are simple, read the Song of Ice and Fire series…post comments, blog about it, review the series….totally up to you!

You must sign up for the series here via Mr Linky and please also spread the love by grabbing the button and posting to your blog

I will be changing the format slightly from last years style. Last year I just read and posted my reviews while commenting on other participants review, I also had a discussion forum where I just posted general questions. This year I will be sending out discussion questions to keep you all thinking about ASOIAF! Answer the questions, don’t answer the questions, it’s entirely up to you! You can be as active or non active in this challenge as you want to be. The discussion questions will be a new way to keep people actively interested, thinking about, and reading the series.

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  1. Yay so excited for this because I have to read these! This gives me the push I need!

  2. Any chance this might be returning for 2014?

    • I am still considering it. Wondering if there is an interest in it or not. I should have a decision by this weekend. Keep an eye out 🙂 cheers

      • Will do! I’m not 100% sure myself, but I’ve been thinking about starting this series and was looking to see if there were any related events. Since you’ve already hosted it a couple of years, maybe everyone else has read them already!

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