The Lit Bitch is hosting the 2013 Outlander Series Reading Challenge

It’s that time of year again Sassenachs! Time to sign up for the Outlander Reading Challenge 2013! This is the time of year where all my fellow readers begin looking for new year reading challenges and book clubs and unlike last year, I am getting an early start and spreading the word about the Outlander Series Reading Challenge that I am hosting again this year. This is the second annual Outlander Series Reading Challenge, last year was my first year hosting the challenge and after great success I decided to host it again this year!

I will be changing the format slightly from last years style. Last year I just read and posted my reviews while commenting on other participants review, I also had a discussion forum where I just posted general questions. This year I will be sending out discussion questions to keep you all thinking about Outlander and our beloved Jamie ! Answer the questions, don’t answer the questions, it’s entirely up to you! You can be as active or non active in this challenge as you want to be. The discussion questions will be a new way to keep people actively interested, thinking about, and reading the series.

Here is the info if you want to sign up and please spread the love by grabbing the button!

Charming comments go here!

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