Special Feature: Why You Should Indulge in Romantic Literature

For any true lover of literature, you know the effect that a good novel has on the reader.

A quality literary masterpiece will challenge the way you think and leaves an impression that will last well after the final chapter is read.

While romance is generally overlooked in most literary crowds, it’s just as significant as any other written word and can often be beneficial to the person or couple that reads these pieces.

It can add passion and heat to an otherwise mundane sex life.

For those who are single, erotica can provide some of the intimacy that comes with a relationship as well as the sexual stimulation that may be missing in your life.

Those in a relationship can benefit from a romantic work because it can help you and your partner learn more about each other’s needs and desires.

It can also teach the two of you how to express certain sexual and emotion needs to each other. No matter what kind of erotic tale you choose to read, delving in erotica is a great way to add to your relationship and can improve your overall sexual well-being.

While sex may be a prominent theme in erotic novels, emotional and mental passion are also important to the plot and movement of the story as the characters generally have strong romantic connections to each other.

As a result, these characters often express their passion, lust, and love for each other in ways that surpass the typical sexual desires. According to Woman’s Day, this can help you as a couple because it teaches you and your partner how to articulate your needs and wants through verbal communication and romantic actions. What’s more, erotic novels can also push you and your mate to take your sexual exploration to another level.

For instance, your curiosity about kink and bondage may have been spurned by Fifty Shades of Grey, leading you to examine the BDSM lifestyle. She Knows Love points out that this book and others like it can help your relationship and rev up your sex life.

As a result, it is often a recommended read to boost a sexual relationship by sex therapists. And after learning about what bondage tools are out there, you and your mate may even want to explore what bondage and kink toys are available. Luckily, there are plenty of kink and bondage toys for beginners and pros at your disposal, as Adam & Eve highlights. So if you’re a fan of Fifty Shades of Grey, you’ve got a variety of paddles, whips, hand cuffs, blindfolds, and other tawdry, bondage goodies to choose from—many of which are modeled after the products in the novel.

And while you may not be ready to fully indulge in the BDSM lifestyle explored in the book, you can still partake in a bit of bondage action by integrating a few light techniques like blindfolding your partner or adding a restraint system.

For the single set, a romantic novel can change the entire way you interact with your partner or partners sexually and how you maintain your sexual needs solo. Because we often fall into routines and ruts in our relationships that cause us to lose the enthusiasm and desire for certain sexual activities, we rely on other things to stimulate our needs.

Often, women suffer the most from the dreaded sexual rut. However, erotica and its excessive sexual content and kinky scenarios can easily take you out of your standard sexual routine and spice up your sex life more than a little bit. Women benefit from solid erotic pieces because it allows them to use their imagination and provides mental stimulation, according to the Huffington Post. That differs from men who are more turned on by the visual stimulation they get from graphic images in adult magazines and pornographic videos.

Erotic novels arouse desires and sexual stimulants we are often unaware of. Because it contains scenes and situations that include unique scenarios, plots, sexual positions, and uncommon props, the romance genre of literature can spawn different ideas for your sexual interactions. You may even discover that you’re into other kinds of sex and kinky activities that you never knew existed.

If you aren’t quite ready to indulge in these desires, romance offers a way for you to explore these newfound interests on your own—or in your imagination.

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