What bookworm doesn’t love bookish merchandise? I have a number of book t-shirts, socks, and of course tote bags in my closet and I am always on the hunt for cute little bookish gifts as well as more to add to my collection.

While Out of Print tends to dominate the bookish merch market, here is why you should be looking at smaller companies that offer a quality product and original designs for bookworms—–personal touch.

I recently discovered the company, Literary Book Gifts and they have a large selection of t-shirts (men and women styles) as well as a variety of colorful tote bags in a range of sizes.

I recently ordered a women’s t-shirt and canvas tote bag to gage the quality for myself and I was impressed by the quality of both as well as the variety of colors and styles available. I ordered the medium size tote and it was a perfect size and the canvas was heavy duty and I have since received multiple  about it when I am out and about. The womens t-shirt do run small so I would recommend sizing 1 or 2 sizes up for comfort.

One of the things that I love most about this store, is the attention to design details. Many book merch companies just put the cover design on the their products but this store showcases unique designs from our favorite books. Often larger companies only feature a few of the more common classics for their merchandise, but this company has many of your favorite classics as well as a few obscure ones—Darwin I am looking at you.

Take The Picture of Dorian Gray for example. This design focuses on the vanity of the painting and Dorian himself. Rather than just putting a cover art on this t-shirt, Literary Book Gifts gets to the heart of the story itself.

I also think it’s important to have choices. As you will see, the owner gives a fabulous write up about her company below, but one thing that hit home for me was the choices of this store. There are a number of different colors and books to pick from. There are a number of favorite classics and all styled with elegance and simplicity, and yet consumers can customize their choice by picking a color.

The Frankenstein shirt, shown here in red/maroon, is eye catching and captures a classic horror feel. But if you wanted something a little darker you might pick a black or charcoal.

There are so many books to choose from in this store. They have everything from classic children books like The Secret Garden and Black Beauty to adult classics like Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice and then of course other darker classics like Poe and Dracula. They even have other designs that feature things like National Parks and Michelangelo.

You might be curious which design is my favorite…..while I had multiples that stood out, the Ulysses design was my favorite. The simple bow was eye catching and classy and I loved the vertical placement of the letters. These designs are ones that I feel like I could incorporate into my regular wardrobe and not feel like I was being overly nerdy, if that makes sense. They are elegant and simplistic which I think makes them a classic design.

Sometimes other companies use too many colors and the shirts get too busy but with this company the focus is on the simplicity of the design and show casing the spirit of the book.

This is a small company just getting its start and as we get into the holiday season and you are shopping for your bookish friends…..or maybe even shopping for yourself, this is one store that isn’t to be missed. I found them reasonably priced with fast shipping and a quality product that boasted soft t-shirts and sturdy tote bags. Their website if easy to navigate and like the product designs—-the website is simple and customers will easily find their way around and products that they will love.

I am thrilled to be able to also offer you all a discount with their store! If you are doing your shopping, be sure to use THELITBITCH20 for a 20% off!  I can’t say enough great things about this company and I highly recommend you take a few minutes to peruse their website! 

About Literary Book Gifts

I began Literary Book Gifts earlier this year, with the store launching to the world wide web just a few months ago. Like many others, I have a great love of books, literature, and other forms of writing such as poetry. What I noticed though, was that the taste of readers was as diverse as the many books available. For example, those interested in Frankenstein may also like The Picture of Dorian Gray but may not be interested titles such as Black Beauty or The Secret Garden. Essentially we all have different tastes. And I thought what better way to service such a variety of likes and dislikes than through an online store. In addition, there are tons of sizes and colors to suit each and every reader or writer.

I am deeply inspired by the books I’ve read and the ideas that come from them. The classics give us representations of author’s worlds from so long ago. Fantastic and magical stories and characters we can only know through literature. And 100 lives we’ve never lived. I’ve gone on adventures with Tom Sawyer and down the rabbit hole with Alice in her Wonderland adventures. Literature is meant to be discussed and shared. Whether you are reading paperbacks, eBooks, listening to audio books, or wearing books on t-shirts, I encourage everyone to talk about the ideas and pass on their favorite reads to others!

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