Special Feature: A Forgotten Murder (Medlar Mystery #3) by Jude Deveraux

I feel like every writer should strive to be as versatile and prolific as Jude Deveraux! She can write romance novels, historical fiction, mysteries, family sages/dramas. I mean she is so talented and is able to write so many genres without batting an eye lash!

This latest novel is out now and the third in her best selling romantic mystery series. While I couldn’t fit it in for review, it sounds so good that I picked up the first in the series and plan on reading it later this summer!

This series has been called cozy but also has romantic elements so either way I am open to checking it out but what really got my eye was the mention of an English manor house as part of the setting. I am a sucker for an English manor house so as you can all imagine, I am adding this one to my TBR right now!


After solving two murder cases in their hometown of Lachlan, Florida, Sara Medlar, her niece Kate and their friend Jack need a change of scenery. Sara arranges for them to visit an old friend of hers in England. Upon arrival at Oxley Manor, a centuries-old estate that has been converted to a luxury hotel, Kate and Jack quickly realize that Sara is up to something. They learn that Sara has also invited a number of others to join them at Oxley.

When everyone assembles, Sara lets them know why they are there. Decades earlier, two people ran off together from Oxley and haven’t been heard from since—and Sara wants to solve the case. As the people who were there the night the two went missing, the guests find themselves cast in a live mystery-theater event.

In reenacting the events of that night, it becomes clear that everyone has something to hide and no one is safe, especially when the discovery of a body makes it clear that at least one of the people who disappeared was murdered.

Sara, Jack and Kate are once again at the heart of a mysterious case that only they are able to solve. But someone is willing to continue to kill to keep the truth about Oxley Manor buried, and none of the guests are safe.

New York Times bestselling author Jude Deveraux has crafted another irresistible case in her bestselling Medlar Mystery series. (summary from Goodreads).



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