Special Feature: Wolf Den Hollow by Donna Murray

This love story is based on a true story and I couldn’t be more excited about that! I love romanced but when they are based on a true story I always have a more special connection with the characters.

The other things that caught my eye about this one were the setting, time period and the fact that one of the characters is Cherokee. All of these things together made it sounds like it was going to be a different sort of historical fiction and while I couldn’t fit it on my review schedule, I was thrilled to hear about it.

Not only does this book sound like a different love story but it has also been getting rave reviews from readers! I am so excited to share a little about this one with you guys today and I hope you check it out and let me know what you think as this one sounds wonderful!


It’s the dead of winter, and Sila, a bewitching Cherokee teenager, has just fled her marriage to a brutal drunk. Desperate for work, she finds herself knocking on the door of a mill office in the Missouri Ozarks. There she meets the handsome owner, Charley Barclay.

Despite the fact that Sila and Charley have virtually nothing in common and thirty years between them, a spark ignites. Their passionate love affair quickly intensifies, and for Charley, there is no going back to his loveless marriage—especially after Sila is with child. They marry, and his empire expands as they face tragedy and treachery along the way. Just as their lives seem perfect, Charley falls victim to cancer. Sila’s devastation is compounded by the onset of the Great Depression. She loses her inheritance and is faced with losing her home. As her situation grows increasingly dire, Sila—determined to protect herself and her family—is forced to make a desperate decision.

Inspired by a true story, and replete with natural healing, glimpses of the logging boom, and heartbreaking drama, Wolf Den Hollow brings to life this unlikely, captivating romance of the early 1900s. (summary from Goodreads)


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