Special Feature: The Mitford Trial (Mitford Murders #4) by Jessica Fellowes

If you are thinking the name Jessica Fellowes sounds familiar, then you are correct especially if you are a fan of Downton Abbey. Jessica Fellowes is the niece to Julian Fellowes, creator of Downton Abbey! While a writer in her own right, I can infer that Jessica Fellowes no doubt has a flair for writing elegant, witty, and endearing novels featuring the upper curst of society.

Her Mitford Murders mystery series, while new, has captured a dedicated fan base. Full of opulence, glamour, the Golden Age, and of course murder, these books follow each of the Mitford sisters and here we are on book 4. While this is part of a new series, I think that new readers could start with any of the books, but they would probably get a little more out of the series if they began with the first book. But again, it’s not a requirement.

While I haven’t read the books yet, I plan on picking this one up soon and diving into a series that sounds incredibly promising. One of the things that caught my eye about this book (besides the cover) is that each book follows a Mitford sister and since I don’t know much about the sisters, I felt excited at the possibility of learning more about them while enjoying a spot of murder!


A timeless whodunnit with the fascinating Mitford sisters at its heart, The Mitford Trial is inspired by a real-life murder in a story full of intrigue, affairs and betrayal.

It’s former lady’s maid Louisa Cannon’s wedding day, but the fantasy is shattered shortly after when she is approached by a secretive man asking her to spy on Diana Mitford – who is having an affair with the infamous Oswald Mosley – and her similarly fascist sister Unity.

Thus as summer 1933 dawns, Louisa finds herself accompanying the Mitfords on a glitzy cruise, full of the starriest members of Society. But the waters run red when a man is found attacked, with suspects everywhere.

Back in London, the case is taken by lawyer Tom Mitford, and Louisa finds herself caught between worlds: of a love lost to blood, a family divided, and a country caught in conflict. (summary from Goodreads)


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