Special Feature: Someone Perfect (Westcott #9) by Mary Balogh

When my mom first put a Mary Balogh novel in my hands, I was shocked. She handed me this book with a cheesy cover (hello shirtless man in an awkward pose) and I didn’t really know what to say. Honestly I just wanted to put it on my shelf and forget all about the shirtless man with a suggestive look on his face. But then she kept bugging me and bugging me to see if I had read it yet so I did what any good daughter would do and that is read what your mother tells you to.

Besides the frequent references to being a ‘lusty man’, I actually really enjoyed Balogh’s Survivor’s Club series and found a lot to love in her writing and storytelling. Which is exactly why I am so thrilled to be sharing about Balogh’s latest novel, Someone Perfect with you guys today! I haven’t read the Westcott series yet but boy does it sound amazing! While the books are part of a larger series about the Westcott family, I think these can be read out of order based on what I am reading from reviews of the other books. I am going to probably dive in with this one since Justin, the hero, sounds swoon-worthy and I love a enemies to lovers troupe.

The thing I love about Balogh’s novels is the steam level is moderate. The focus is really on the romance and love parts rather than on the sex. She writes interesting and complex characters that have flaws but are still likable. I am eager to start this series and with this book out now, you should definitely take a look! If you love historical romances or have fallen in love with Bridgerton, then Mary Balogh should be on your TBR list!


Sometimes, just one person can pull a whole family apart. And sometimes, it just takes one person to pull it back together. For fans of Bridgerton, New York Times bestselling Regency Romance author Mary Balogh shows how love truly conquers all in this new Friends of the Westcotts novel.

As a young man, Justin Wiley was banished by his father for mysterious reasons, but now, his father is dead, and Justin has been Earl of Brandon for six years. A dark, dour man, he, nonetheless, takes it as his responsibility to care for his half-sister, Maria, when her mother dies. He travels to her home to fetch her back to the family seat at Everleigh Park.

Although she adored him, once, Maria now loathes Justin, and her friend, Lady Estelle Lamarr, can see, immediately, how his very name upsets her. When Justin arrives and invites Estelle and her brother to accompany Maria to Everleigh Park to help with her distress, she begrudgingly agrees, for Maria’s sake.

As family secrets unravel in Maria’s homecoming, Justin, too, uncovers his desire for a countess. And, while he may believe he’s found an obvious candidate in the beautiful 25-year-old Lady Estelle, she is most certain that they could never make a match.. (summary from Goodreads)

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