Special Feature: Dog Friendly by Victoria Schade

I have been a huge fan of Victoria Schade over the years! I love the adorable dogs on the covers of her books plus, the stories feature strong women who are maybe struggling with something in their personal or professional lives (hello this could be ANY of us ladies!) and then she throws in a touch of romance and cute dogs and I just can’t say no to one of her books! This book is no different! I am reading it a little later this summer and I cannot wait to meet more cute dogs plus a hunky surfer if the summary is to be trusted!

Schade’s books are just fluff reading (pun intended), they always have substance and real world issues and this one promises to be no different. Since she typically features a professional female lead, I always feel like I relate to the main character even if I do not work in veterinary medicine. She always finds a way for readers to relate to the different challenges facing the main characters and this book features a burned out vet names Morgan Pearce. I already know I can relate to Morgan’s character just based on the description alone! I am heading on vacation to Cabo this summer and I am doing just what Morgan is doing—escaping work burnout and hoping to relax and escape all the work stress. I would actually read this one while on vacation but it might be a little too close to home which is why I am saving it for when I come back!

If you love love and dogs I think this is going to be a huge hit for you! I personally cannot say no to books that feature dogs and these cute pups on the cover just win me over every single time! But it’s Schade’s name that really draws me in. Her books are solid and never disappoint. I have loved many of her books and I have no doubt this one will be another hit. It’s out now and already receiving pawsitive ratings! Be sure to check it out!


A burned-out veterinarian takes a much-needed beach vacation, where a charming surfer makes waves in her love life, and a unique foster pup renews her passion for her work.

Exhausted veterinarian Morgan Pearce is feeling overworked and under-thanked, so when two favorite clients ask her to watch their special needs senior dog in their Nantucket home, she jumps at the chance for a summer break. She hopes her time on the island will be a reset from the stress of her everyday life, but her chill vacation vibe takes a hit when she gets roped into fostering a challenging, anxious dog and helping plan the local rescue group’s glittery annual fundraiser.

Her trip starts to feel more like a vacation when Morgan begins falling for Nathan Keating, an irresistible entrepreneur who thinks every problem can be solved on a surfboard. Just as the summer is shaping up to be the magical refresh she needs, thanks to a fling that feels like the beginning of something real and Hudson, the foster dog who reminds her how much she loves her job, a visit from her estranged brother and the discovery of who Nathan really is changes everything. Morgan finds herself at a crossroads, trying to determine if mistakes from the past must define the future, or if she should forgive, forget, and grab hold of a chance to finally rescue herself. (summary from Goodreads)


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