Review: Where Shadows Dance (Sebastian St. Cyr #6) by C.S. Harris

Another day, another Sebastian St Cyr mystery review. I and so deeply invested in this series right now that basically nothing is getting done around my house or any other reading for that matter.

So many people ask how I read so many books. Well the answer is simple, I speed read but I also read a lot of the books I have up for review right now, weeks or even months before. For example, I have already read 3 books for review in March and April so I am always ahead of schedule and I do this because I like to know I have time to binge read books or series like this one right here.

I read the first book in this series years ago and thought it was good, but it was the second book that has rekindled my interest in the larger series and I couldn’t be more excited about that. Continue reading “Review: Where Shadows Dance (Sebastian St. Cyr #6) by C.S. Harris”

Review: The Country Guesthouse (Sullivan’s Crossing #5) by Robyn Carr

Robyn Carr was a new to my author a couple of years ago but once I picked up one of her books, I could immediately see why so many people enjoy her novels!

Picking this book up in the dead of winter was a little depressing though, because I could practically feel the sun on my skin with this glowing beach style read!

Even though the setting is in Colorado, it still reminded me of a fun read on a sunny summer day while I was passing some time at the beach, this is the sort of book that you want to pack with you on a lazy summer day. It has lots of romance and charm to draw readers in for sure! Continue reading “Review: The Country Guesthouse (Sullivan’s Crossing #5) by Robyn Carr”

Review: What Remains of Heaven (Sebastian St. Cyr #5) by C.S. Harris

This series is flying by for me and I am living each and every book for all kinds of reasons!

The mysteries are each interesting, new, and twisty but for me the character development through each book has been incredible! When I started this series, I read only book 1 before jumping back in at like book 12. I thought the first book was good as well as the other later books, but I never fully appreciated this series until I started reading it beginning to end.

I didn’t have too much trouble starting this series late, but I did know there were relationships and events that I wasn’t fully understanding because I was so late to the party so to speak. I would recommend starting this series at the beginning if you want the full experience, but if you must start this series with later books, I recommend NOT starting with this one. Continue reading “Review: What Remains of Heaven (Sebastian St. Cyr #5) by C.S. Harris”

Review: The Decent Inn of Death (John Madden #6) by Rennie Airth

This series and author are completely new to me and I went into this one with zero expectations.

When the book arrives in the mail, I was immediately drawn to the cover. It has a real noir/crime feel to it and I was eager to read a mystery that was a little different, such as the cover implied.

It is the 6th book in a series though so I had to go into it with an open mind. I mean at a certain point in a series, readers have to expect that there will be established storylines and character relationships to some degree or another, so with that in mind, I picked this one up to check out. Continue reading “Review: The Decent Inn of Death (John Madden #6) by Rennie Airth”

Review: Where Serpents Sleep (Sebastian St. Cyr #4) by C.S. Harris

This series has quickly become a favorite of mine. I mean, I’ve read the later books and enjoyed them but now that I am going back and reading the other books in the series in order, I am seeing the nuanced relationships develop and I simply can’t stop reading!

I only meant to read one or two books in the series, but I’ve discarded that notion and am fully intending to binge read this series before the month is out!

I am currently starting book 6 so I am super excited to read all of the books and share not only my reviews but my take two reviews once I read the later books the second time! Continue reading “Review: Where Serpents Sleep (Sebastian St. Cyr #4) by C.S. Harris”