Review: The Last Bathing Beauty by Amy Sue Nathan

This cover makes me so excited for summer and long walks on the beach. I have had it on my radar for quite some time and when it was picked as the March Amazon First Reads selection, I knew it was going to be a big new release.

I haven’t read anything by this author before but she has written three other well received books and I was excited to give this one a try.

Besides all the hype and the beautiful eye catching cover, this book boasted a sassy heroine and I was most excited to read about her, but beyond that I didn’t really know too much about what this book was about. Continue reading “Review: The Last Bathing Beauty by Amy Sue Nathan”

Review: Sin Eater by Megan Campisi

This book has been receiving a ton advanced praise. It’s been talked about as one of the next big Indie Picks and many are characterizing it as a cross between The Handmaid’s Tale meets Alice in Wonderland.

When I heard all the praise and hype about this book, I was a little hesitant to read it because I worried that my expectations wouldn’t live up to the hype. However the summary sounded so promising that I didn’t feel like I could pass on it, nor did I want to.

The summary promised a dark and innovative novel with lots of imagination mixed with some historical fiction. I was so glad that I decided not to pass on this one because the story itself was absolutely incredible. Continue reading “Review: Sin Eater by Megan Campisi”

Review: Marguerite by Marina Kemp

When I first encountered this book, my mind ran to the assumption that it was going to be a very ‘high brow’ read. Don’t get me wrong, I love intelligent and more serious novels from time to time but I also enjoy just escaping into a trashy romance too, so it just depends on my mood.

But this novel continued to stand out and intrigue me. I loved the cover and thought it was elegant and eye catching, but I also thought the story sounded compelling and smart. By the time I was ready to pick it up, my interest in it was well and truly caught.

The book had been sitting on my bookshelf calling my name for the better part of two months so it was with great anticipation that I cracked it open. Continue reading “Review: Marguerite by Marina Kemp”

Review: All the Ways We Said Goodbye by Beatriz Williams, Lauren Willig, Karen White (Audible Edition)

Team W is an auto buy group of authors for me! I have read all of Lauren Willig’s books and many by Beatriz Williams and Karen White and I have read all of the Team W books so far, each one is so wonderful.

These three authors are tried and true writers and I have been anxiously awaiting the release of this latest Team W read. I decided to download it on Audible rather than read the physical copy as I have had great luck with the narrators of the Team W books and I was pleased with my choice to listen instead of physically reading.

I couldn’t wait to get through my last audiobook so that I could start this one and I found myself driving around aimlessly sometimes just so I could listen to one more chapter. Continue reading “Review: All the Ways We Said Goodbye by Beatriz Williams, Lauren Willig, Karen White (Audible Edition)”

Review: The Forgotten Home Child by Genevieve Graham

I have been a long time fan of Genevieve Graham and honestly, she hasn’t written a bad book yet in my opinion! She writes with such authority and knowledge on her topics that it’s always an easy yes to read one of her books!

She is a Canadian author and her books are mostly set in Canada which isn’t exactly the first place I think of when I think of historical fiction. The most obvious choices are England or France so whenever I pick up one of her books I know I am going to be reading something totally different when it comes to setting.

Her latest release is less about romance and more about the tragic lives and stories of orphans during a dark time in history and I was thrilled to see where this story would take me! Continue reading “Review: The Forgotten Home Child by Genevieve Graham”