Review: Beauty Among Ruins by J’nell Ciesielski

Last year I read one of J’nell Ciesielski’s novels and fell in love. She writes such wonderful historical fiction and when I saw this book was coming out, I cracked it open the second it arrived.

The cover is absolutely stunning and I thought this one sounded so good. I love WWI romances and Downton Abbey and that’s basically what this book sounded like…..a nice little war romance for fans of Downton Abbey!

As soon as I started it I couldn’t put it down! It was such a great read and for the most part read fairly quick. I loved the characters and of course the romance! I also have to admit that even though this book wasn’t out until now (2021) I read it in 2020 and it definitely made my top 10 list of 2020! Such a great book!

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Review: The Viscount Who Loved Me (Bridgertons #2) by Julia Quinn

Like everyone else in the world, I binged watched Bridgerton on Christmas Day. It was incredible and I absolutely loved it. Even my husband watched with me and immediately wanted to know where the second season was (as did I!). Earlier in 2020, I read The Duke and I in anticipation of the upcoming show and to be honest the book was only ok for me. The show was so much better!

While I had adored the book to start with, as it went on, something about it started to draw me down and I just didn’t love it by the end of the first book. I wasn’t exactly dying to read the next books in the series but I wasn’t ready to write them off as ‘not for me’ though either. Then the show came out and it was simply so much better than the first book and I immediately decided that I needed more of the Bridgertons, so I downloaded this book.

I have to say that Anthony in the books and in the show was entirely swoon worthy. Yes the Duke was sexy and charming etc, but for me, Anthony stole the show—-not just the Netflix show, but the books as well. I couldn’t wait to dive back into the Bridgerton family and read Anthony’s love story!

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Review: A Deadly Fortune by Stacie Murphy

This was a book I was really looking forward to. I loved The Alienist and this book was recommended for fans of that book so I was eager to check this one out. The Alienist was probably one of the more dark and twisted historical mysteries that I have ever read so putting that as a ‘recommended for fans of The Alienist’ was a pretty tall order.

This is also Stacie Murphy’s debut novel, so I wasn’t sure what to expect beyond something with occultist undertones that was a darker mystery. I was still coming off the Christmas/holiday reads hangover so something with a little more meat to the story was definitely in order.

The cover of this book is elegant and the premise sounded so promising. I was looking forward to seeing how this one unfolded and I was pleasantly surprised that it was a well written and engaging debut novel! If you love historical mysteries with a little more grit and some supernatural elements then this is an excellent option and one that you will want on your radar!

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Review: Not My Boy by Kelly Simmons

It’s a new year and this is my first official book review of 2021 and I must say, I was thrilled to start the year off with a bang when it came to my first read of the new year! I have read only one other book by this author and it was pretty good so I was looking forward to picking up another by her!

While I loved the cover (the little boy with a red coat is just so eye catching), I think it was the summary the truly sold me on this one as a potential read. Whenever a review pitch comes across my desk I always read each one and a catchy summary and book cover always help a book to stand out!

I liked the idea of an upper middle class setting and the idea of a wrongly accused son with a mama bear to protect him. I thought it would a relatable book for me as I have a son as well. I dove in during winter break and was eager to wrap up my first read of 2021.

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Review: A Princess by Christmas (A Royal Wedding #3) by Julia London

Well friends, this is it—my last review of 2020! I wasn’t sure that I would finish it before the New Year but I finished it just in time and with one day to spare. I was really looking forward to this one, I had it up for a special feature and excerpt when it first came out back in October. I also loved the dress on the cover (I know I am easily distracted) so I was eager to check out this holiday read!

I haven’t read anything by this author before and I noticed that this was the third in a series but I didn’t think that would be a big deal. The excerpt was interesting and more often than not, the focus is on the romance with little connecting the main character to the larger story other than a few reoccurring secondary characters from previous books.

I read so many holiday reads this year. More than I have in any of the previous years. I had high hopes for this one and while I enjoyed it, it didn’t quite pack the holiday punch that I was expecting this year.

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