Review: The Austen Playbook (London Celebrities #4) by Lucy Parker

I haven’t read anything by Lucy Parker before, but as I was reading the pitch summary, I hopped on to Goodreads to check out some reviews of Parker’s other books in this series to see if this was something I might want to read.

It became very apparent that she has a lot of fans and that this series is one to watch. I also liked the title of this book. The title made it sounds like it was going to be a Jane Austen style romance which made me really excited to check it out!

The cover was also eye catching. I liked the color scheme and the couple on the front indicated that it would clearly be a romance novel but it looked like it would be more of a sweet romance based on the cover and title.

At any rate, I decided to give it a shot even though it’s part of a series, I guessed that it could be read as a standalone. Continue reading “Review: The Austen Playbook (London Celebrities #4) by Lucy Parker”


Review: The View from Alameda Island by Robyn Carr

I have only recently discovered Robyn Carr’s books and so far I have really enjoyed the nice little escape they provide from day to day life.

Carr has written a number of different standalone books and various series, and clearly has a huge following of devoted fans! So far I have stuck with the Sullivan’s Crossing series but I have been interested in checking out some of her other novels.

She has been hugely successful and I can clearly see how experienced she is in her writing. Her books are often well written, believable, with interesting characters so when this book came up for review—a standalone—I was eager to try something a little different from this established author! Continue reading “Review: The View from Alameda Island by Robyn Carr”

Review: The Key to Happily Ever After by Tif Marcelo

The first thing that attracted me to this book was the title and the bright cover art! I found the title intriguing and it instantly made me think about things that make my own ‘happily ever after’ so special.

I also thought the bright robin’s egg blue and yellow on the cover was so eye catching and I was instantly curious about this one and gladly agreed to read it!

The summary of the book also sounded interesting. I have been reading a lot of historical mysteries as well as some heavy women’s fiction and frankly I needed something that was going to be more along the lines of a ‘rom-com’ and that’s exactly that this book promised on the description! Continue reading “Review: The Key to Happily Ever After by Tif Marcelo”

Review: The Secret of Clouds by Alyson Richman

Alyson Richman is an author that I have had on my radar for quite a while now. She’s written a number of historical fiction books that I have been just dying to read—The Velvet Hours and The Lost Wife, I am looking at you!

But for some reason, I have just not picked up either of them. I am not really sure why, but I just know that I see her name and I am like ugh, I need to read something by her!

She when The Secret Clouds arrived in my mailbox, I was thrilled to read something by her. However, it looked like it was more of a contemporary book rather than historical fiction, which was kind of a bummer for me, but I was happy to at least give her writing a try and see how the book went! Continue reading “Review: The Secret of Clouds by Alyson Richman”

Review: The Summer Retreat (Moonlight Harbor #3) by Sheila Roberts

As a younger reader, I had a really hard time with women’s fiction. I felt too young to relate to any of the characters and like I could never fully understand or realize their struggles. But I also felt like I was too old for the YA genre—at least at that time.

Now that I am almost forty, I feel like I can finally appreciate women’s fiction in its entirety so lately I’ve been really open to this genre and enjoying it so much!

Sheila Roberts is a fairly well known author to me. I haven’t read any of her books, but I have seen them quite a bit in bookstores as well as grocery store end caps. Not to mention a few of her books have been turned into Hallmark Channel and Lifetime movies.

This is an author who clearly has a large fan base, so when this book came up for review, I was eager to see what all the fuss was about! Continue reading “Review: The Summer Retreat (Moonlight Harbor #3) by Sheila Roberts”