Review: Someone We Know by Shari Lapena

Shari Lapena has a big big big fan base and she has written a number of best sellers. Prior to this book, I had only read one of her books and thought it was pretty good.

I was totally open to reading more and when this one came up for review I was excited to check it out and see how her writing held up for me a second time around.

One of the things that caught my eye about this one was the neighborhood gossip mill aspect. Neighborhood was strongly featured in the summary and I was eager to see how that played out in the story. Often so much is focused on the inner working of a home when it comes to domestic thrillers, without much emphasis being placed on the neighborhood so I was exceptionally curious about this one. Continue reading “Review: Someone We Know by Shari Lapena”


Special Feature: THE TRUTH BEHIND THE LIE (Kouplan #1) by Sara Lövestam

Scandinavian crime/thriller literature has a very unique flare that is truly recognizable. I have had the pleasure of reading a few crime/thriller novels from some northern countries and find them unique, if not unsettlingly cold and detached.

The cool detachment works well, especially for thrillers and I have throughly enjoyed the Scandinavian novels that I have read.

This latest book, THE TRUTH BEHIND THE LIE, is by Swedish author Sara Lövestam who has written some award winning crime novels and has won awards in France and The Netherlands. This book has a compelling plot featuring important themes and one that I am thrilled the share with all of you! Continue reading “Special Feature: THE TRUTH BEHIND THE LIE (Kouplan #1) by Sara Lövestam”

Excerpt: The Tower of Songs by Casey Barrett

The summer is drawing to an end but there is still time to get in a couple more thrillers before it’s officially fall.

With the long weekend coming up, the time to read a thriller couldn’t be better. I am so excited to share a little sneak peak of this exciting new book with you guys!

This thriller is out tomorrow so you guys are getting an early sneak peak with this one. If you like what you see then be sure to add this one to your Amazon cart and read it this weekend! It sounds like it’s going to be quite a ride! Continue reading “Excerpt: The Tower of Songs by Casey Barrett”

Special Feature: This Poison Will Remain (Commissaire Adamsberg #11) by Fred Vargas

The Commissaire Adamsberg is a long standing series in crime fiction! Fans of this genre will know that Fred Vargas’s series is much loved and will no doubt be looking forward to this latest installment.

In this brilliantly twisty crime novel, Vargas follows the quirky, intuitive commissaire as he investigates the deaths of three men killed by spider bites. Following a whim and a hunch, Adamsberg becomes convinced that these death by spider bite are not just unnatural; they’re actually murders.

And the closer he looks, the more suspicious they seem. Recluse venom is indeed poisonous, but it would take the venom of twenty-two spiders to kill like this. And what’s more, two of the three victims are linked by their childhood at an orphanage in Nîmes, where they belonged to a group of violent young boys known as “the recluse gang.” Is one of the victims of these childhood bullies seeking revenge at long last, or are there even darker secrets at play?

As more members of the old gang begin succumbing to recluse bites, Adamsberg and his team must race against time to find the perpetrator. The ragtag team of detectives crisscross France in an effort to uncover the tragedies of the past and prevent another murder from occurring on their watch. Intricate, imaginative, and peppered through with Vargas’ trademark dry humor, THIS POISON WILL REMAIN is full of twists and surprises that will keep readers guessing until the very end. Continue reading “Special Feature: This Poison Will Remain (Commissaire Adamsberg #11) by Fred Vargas”

Review: The Murder List by Hank Phillippi Ryan

Right from the start this book sounded edgy and different. I haven’t read anything by Hank Phillippi Ryan before, but I liked that the main character in this book sounded like she had her shit together but yet it might all be a lie.

I have been having quite a bit of luck with thrillers this summer but I was looking for something with a little more suspense rather than the thrills and chills of a psychological thriller and this book sounded like it would fit the bill. I mean it does have ‘a novel of suspense’ in its formal title on Goodreads!

Eager to read this one, I started it one afternoon and flew through it in a few days time! If you love interesting and suspenseful legal mysteries then you will probably devour this one as quickly as I did! Continue reading “Review: The Murder List by Hank Phillippi Ryan”