2011 Jewish Literature Challenge

In for a penny, in for a pound! In my random blog searching I managed to find another book challenge that perked my interest. Since one of my New Years resolutions was to broaden my literary horizons I thought about participating in some challenges which included books I would not normally pick up. The end result….millions of books to read for 2011 LOL.

I hesitate to commit myself to the larger book lists as the goal for many  of these challenges is just to get outside my ‘comfort zone’ which is what I have done! For instance, I picked one book for the Haruki Murakami reading challenge and so I am doing the same with the Jewish Literature Challenge–one book.

The challenge simply requires that one read a book by or about Jews–so that could be a Holocuast memior, fiction, non-fiction and so on. The book does not count if you have already read it–and you must complete the challenge before Passover.

As I said I am planning to read one book for sure but might make it to more it just depends on how the year goes. Check out the page and challenge info here!

Mazel tov!

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