The Lit Bitch has entered the 2012 Why Buy the Cow Reading Challenge

Challenge #5 has been entered! K now I’m reasonably sure this will be the last challenge for the year….I know I know I said that before but really and truly for this one!!

I just couldn’t resist a super cute challenge button with a cow on it…..sorry I just COULDN’T! So I entered the Why Buy the Cow Reading Challenge hosted by The Unread Reader who is quickly becoming one of my fav book bloggers.

Again… noted before over the next couple of weeks I’ll be posting my entries for various challenges here as I sign up and I will also have a special page/section devoted to my entries which will have lists of books I plan on reading.

As per usual I’ll post my reviews throughout the year and add the buttons on my sidebars.

So here is the fourth challenge sign up of 2012: the Why Buy the Cow Reading Challenge hosted by The Unread Reader. For more details about my entry and goals please see my the Why Buy the Cow Reading Challenge 2012 page.

If you are interested in signing up or for more details about the challenge it self, please visit the Unread Reader’s Blog.

Charming comments go here!

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