New Contributor: The Lib Bitch

I am very pleased to announce that I am taking on an additional bitchin’ reviewer for my blog! Please welcome The Lib Bitch–also known as my ever so charming sister!

The Lib Bitch (not to be confused with yours truly) will be adding flavor and variety to our blog. She picked the “Lib Bitch” since she is a Librarian. She has similar reading/literary interests as me but they are different enough to add a unique tone and content! I am very excited about this venture 🙂 I will be posting a more complete bio soon…be watching for her reviews!

Here is a brief bio for The Lib Bitch:

Occupation: Librarian
Areas of Literary Interest: History, Historical Fiction, Biography, Fashion, Women’s Issues, Art, Food
Things I Heart (aside from books): Dessert, Ballet and Pilates, Jewelry, Making Lists, Cats, Tea, French Things, and Baby Sloths
Favorite Author: Jane Austen for life.

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