Special Feature: A Love By Any Measure Book Cover Redesign

Are you looking for something that will add a little splash of sexy to your summer reading? Well why not pick up this sizzling historic romance this summer?

Author Killian McRae’s novel A Love By Any Measure has it all. Love, lust, and history.

This is very much an adult Cinderella tale of love and romance….ALBAM is a fiery romance with an ending you don’t see coming and will surprise you. A beautiful story of love which is strong enough to bring light even to the darkest and unfortunate circumstances life has to offer.

The one thing that I struggled with when I reviewed the novel was the cover design. I wasn’t quite sure that if I saw the book on the shelf that it would grab my interest. but with this new cover design, how could you miss it?!

If you haven’t added A Love By Any Measure to your TBR list be sure to do so!

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