Review: A Love by Any Measure by Killian McRae

True love knows no boundaries….true love doesn’t love based on wealth, class, title, or circumstance…..the heart simply wants what it wants: its other half. The only thing that can come between the heart and its desire, is the brain. In Killian McRae’s latest historical romance novel, A Love by Any Measure, the heart and the brain go head to head–will true love win out?

August Grayson is an English lord–rich, powerful, titled, and handsome. But in Ireland 1865 he’s called the enemy. Maeve O’Connor is a tenet on Lord Grayson’s land struggling to keep a roof over her and her father’s head.

Maeve has nothing but her good looks and good name to recommend herself. Though she is engaged to a local blacksmith, Owen Murphy, there wedding isn’t for months so Owen cannot help her financially nor can she move in with him until they are properly married.

Maeve goes to the manor, Shepherd’s Bluff, to plead to the Lord Grayson’s landlord for an extension…..instead she finds Lord Grayson himself. Lord Grayson (August) and Maeve were childhood friends, sweethearts even in a way, but had not seen or spoken to each other in years. When Maeve pleads her case, she will offer him her body in exchange for settling her rent.

Though this request goes against all of Maeve’s usual morals, she is in dire need of his help until her marriage of convenience can become a reality. She is so beautiful, vulnerable, and willing that Lord Grayson cannot deny her….but there must be something more in it for him, not just the one time payment–the pleasure of her company.

A bargain is finally settled on–August promises he will forgive her debt if she permits him ‘time’ on each occasion, twice as long as each succeeding visit to do whatever pleases him–the first visit 10 seconds, the next visit 20 seconds…and so on.

As they enter into the agreement–in her mind Maeve loathes August but in her heart she can’t help but picture the boy she once cared for. In turn August fights to keep feelings and reality separate…in his mind he knows there is no way this agreement will ever continue, they are from two very different positions, but in his heart he can’t help but love the woman who was his friend and now his lover.

The lines of their agreement slowly begin to blur from a convenient bargain to a passionate romance making them both wonder if a future is indeed possible. August and Maeve together make a complete match but society and family make their love a difficult burden to bear. The battle between heart and brain rages on…..but there can be only one winner.

I had the pleasure of receiving a review copy from McRae and I also have the opportunity to interview her which I will be posting soon. There will also be a giveaway of the book too so be watching for more details!! 🙂

I first saw ALBAM on a Goodreads giveaway and was intrigued by the summary…I do love a good historic romance, but not the over the top harlequin romances with Fabio on the cover but rather historic romances like Pink Carnation. Theres nothing wrong with a good bodice ripper once in a while but it’s just not a genre that I’m into. ALBAM was in some ways a ‘bodice ripper’…..but what made it different for me was the sex didn’t take over the storyline and the characters were developed and not one dimensional as they are in many harlequin romances.

The beginning was solid…all the way through till literally the middle of the story. Lord Grayson was winning me over, I respected Maeve, and really rooting for their love. But then the second half of the story lacked the same energy. For example, the parts of the story that take place in America, I was not entirely sure I liked the direction that went, though it did help strengthen the ending and it ‘fit’ in a way but yet I just felt like it was stitched in rather than sewn into place. I would have liked to see more development with that particular storyline to make it fit seamlessly in the story.

However, that said, the story did hold my interest and I simply had to know what happened. August puts Maeve through hell and vise versa, and at times I really wondered ‘are they going to make it’? I was rooting for them but at the same time, feeling sorry for all the others who they hurt along the way.

This is very much an adult Cinderella tale of love and romance….and every woman likes a fairytale romance and a fairytale ending. ALBAM was a fiery romance with a happy ending… ending you don’t see coming and that will surprise you.

Be watching for my interview with Killian McRae and enter to win a copy of A Love by Any Measure which will all be posting soon!

Challenge/Book Summary:

Book: A Love by Any Measure by Killian McRae

  • Kindle ebook, 1st
  • Published November 8th 2011 by Tulipe Noire Press (first published October 22nd 2011)
  • ISBN13 9780983979715

Reading Challenge: NA

Recommendation: 4 out of 5 (a fiery historical romance)

Genre: Historic fiction, romance

Memorable lines/quotes: 

No doubt that we all have elected to lead our lives the way we think best, but that doesn’t free us from the judgement of others

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