Review: Return to Poughkeepsie (The Poughkeepsie Brotherhood #2) by Debra Anastasia

Beckett Taylor is a lot of things: friend, brother, lover, criminal, and murderer. He is all destruction and easily strikes fear in any that cross his path.

But yet under that tough exterior and dark past, there is a ray of hope that he isn’t all bad.

Poughkeepsie is home to three blood brothers–Cole, Blake, and Beckett.  In Return to Poughkeepsie we pick up with their continuing stories, romances, and lives.

While Cole and Blake still call Poughkeepsie home, Beckett has left town until he gets a phone call from Blake that will change everything. The love of Blake’s life, Livia has been kidnapped and a new gang has filled the hole that Beckett left behind.

Beckett has no choice but to return to Poughkeepsie and help his brothers and face his demons once and for all.

However, Beckett doesn’t count on things being as messed up as they are. They streets–his streets–are plagued by this new gang and he must dive headfirst back into the lift he tried to leave behind. He soon realizes the problem is much bigger than just Livia’s kidnapping.

Someone the women who has his heart, Eve, is also part of this new syndicate. Eve has always needed Beckett, not just the tough guy or the muscle, but the man. Theirs is a unique love story in this series .

Watch the sparks fly between Beckett and Eve and enjoy the action fill roller coaster ride in this scandalous sequel to the much loved original novel, Poughkeepsie.

I was hesitant to review this novel for one reason–I felt like everything was tied up nicely at the end of Poughkeepsie. I wasn’t aware that this was going to be a series when I finished the first book so when I got this for review I was kind of scratching my head a little bit.

But I trust Debra Anastasia’s writing abilities and I felt like if she wrote a follow up novel, it would be worth reading, which she did of course! I read this novel in about a day, its a fast read with a lot to hold your attention.

The chemistry between Beckett and Eve was outstanding. In the first book, I wasn’t really a fan of Beckett or Eve but this novel made a believer out of me! Anastasia really brought out the sexual tension, chemistry, and romance in this one….especially between those two.

Eve and Beckett were equal parts romance and sexy. I loved some of the things that would come out of Beckett’s mouth. He could be raunchy but at the same time romantic and sweet. I loved that about his character in this novel–tough but soft.

This novel was full of romance, action, and humor. Anastasia really knows how to balance a story when things were getting a little too heavy, she changed it up and added some humor for comic relief or action to break things up.

I thought the action in the novel was fitting and appropriate. It added a lot and kept things really fast paced and moving. Sometimes the fight scenes were a little over done for my taste but I didn’t think it distracted too much from the fight scenes over all.

I loved that we got to meet some new characters, some of them I didn’t really care about too much and at times I found a little unnecessary but it was nice to have some new people to meet in this story. I loved that we got to catch up with all of the favorite characters from book one.

I really liked Eve’s character in this novel more than in the first book. She’s one kick ass chick and I love her for that. She’s all kinds of feisty and fun, I just can’t get enough of her!

The only thing that I really struggled with in this novel was the time between the first book and this one. Five years has passed since the events in Poughkeepsie which I wasn’t a fan of.

There was a flimsy explanation of that had happened and I just was hoping for either more explanation or less time in between–maybe 2 years would have worked better.

Overall this was a great installment to the series and a sizzling erotic romance that is both entertaining as well as steamy. You don’t want to miss out on this one, and you better mark your calendars for the next installment in this series as the teaser will leave you wanting more!

Challenge/Book Summary:

Book: Return to Poughkeepsie (The Poughkeepsie Brotherhood #2) by Debra Anastasia

  • Paperback, 395 pages
  • Published December 30th 2013 by Omnific Publishing
  • ISBN 1623420768 (ISBN13: 9781623420765)
  • Review copy provided by: Author/Publisher in exchange for an honest review

This book counts toward: NA

  • Hosted by: NA
  • Books for Challenge Completed: NA

Recommendation: 4 out of 5

Genre: Contempo lit, romance

Memorable lines/quotes: NA

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