Review: Romancing the Werewolf (Supernatural Society #2) by Gail Carriger

I first discovered Gail Carriger in early 2010. I loved her Parasol Protectorate series so much for a number of reasons, but mostly because of how well she developed her world.

Since completing the series she has gone on to write a number of other novels/series and novellas in the same world.

When the second installment of the Supernatural Society came out, I was happy to review it and see what characters would find a HEA.

Werewolf in trouble…

Biffy, newly minted Alpha of the London Pack, is not having a good Christmas. His Beta abandoned him, his werewolves object to his curtain choices, and someone keeps leaving babies on his doorstep.

Professor Randolph Lyall returns home to London after twenty years abroad, afraid of what he might find. With his pack in chaos and his Alpha in crisis, it will take all his Beta efficiency to set everything to rights. Perhaps, in the process, he may even determine how to mend his own heart.

New York Times bestselling author Gail Carriger presents a charming gay love story set in her popular steampunk Parasolverse. Featuring the long-awaited reunion between everyone’s favorite quietly capable Beta and the werewolf Alpha dandy who let him slip away. This sweet romance is full of unexpected babysitting, holiday decorations, and no small amount of pining.

Delicate Sensibilities?
Contains men who love other men and have waited decades to do so.

Wait, where does this one fit?

The Supernatural Society novellas stand alone and may be read in any order. But if you’re a stickler, this story chronologically follows Imprudence and ties specifically to events in Timeless. Look for surprise appearances from popular side characters and the occasional strategic application of italics (summary from Goodreads).

So let’s get the most obvious issue out of the way. This is gay romance. People who have issue with that should probably not read this book. Bt whether you are straight, gay, bi, or any of the other letters in the LGBTQ abbreviation, there is something to enjoy in this short story.

Carriger always does such a classy job at writing gay or lesbian romances. They are never tacky or written for ‘shock’ value. They are always well constructed, thought out, tender, and believable. There is clear feeling behind the romance and I love how the genuine-ness of the romance shines through the social stigma.

As a married straight woman you might wonder what I get out of a LGBTQ romance, and the answer is love is love. I love romances and how they come about between intriguing characters and that’s exactly what Carriger provides in her romances…..timeless romantic troupes.

So here we are, now that that is out of the way, let’s talk about the other aspects of this novella. Normally I am not a huge short story fan but I love Carriger’s world as I mentioned before. It seemed like ages since I met Professor Lyall so I was thrilled to see him return in this story. In the previous books where we were first introduced to him, I wanted to know more about his character. There was something about him that bordered on mysterious so I was excited to get to know his character in a more intimate way.

Biffy has been a regular character in many of the books set in Carriger’s world. Aside from his name, I liked Biffy as a character. It is a little hard for me to take someone serious with a name like Biffy but somehow Carriger makes it work.

Having seen so much of Biffy in other books, I was excited to read his romance. As I mentioned the attraction and romance between Lyall and Biffy was tender and full of burning romantic moments. Just what you would expect from a werewolf romance.

If you haven’t discovered Gail Carriger, you are missing out. Because all of her books are based in the same world, you can pick them up most anywhere but I found the most joy reading the main novels first and enjoying the novellas second but if you are at all interested in a quick, charming romance, than this one is one to consider!

Book: Romancing the Werewolf (Supernatural Society, #2) by Gail Carriger

  • ebook, 140 pages
    Published November 5th 2017
    ISBN13 9781944751104
  • Review copy provided by: Author/Publisher in exchange for an honest review

This book counts toward: NA

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  • Books for Challenge Completed: NA

Recommendation: 4 out of 5

Genre: Steampunk, LGBTQ, pararomance, romance, Victorian lit

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