Review: A Class Forsaken (A Matter of Class #3) by Susie Murphy

Over the last few years I have gotten to know Susie Murphy and her characters in the “Matter of Class” series and not only is she a wonderful person and author, but her saga has only gotten better.

More about that in a minute but first I wanted to take a couple of minutes and gush over the beauty of this cover. It is absolutely stunning. Each cover design has been eye catching, memorable, and interesting but this one is my favorite cover design. I think it’s elegant and captures the essence of the saga.

Now that I have raved about the cover a bit, let’s talk about how great this book was and how excited I am that there are going to be more books in the saga!


His past could destroy their future…

Having escaped capture in London, Bridget and Cormac flee to Ireland with their daughter, Emily. Their homecoming is bittersweet as they embark upon the daunting task of searching for Cormac’s family who have been missing for over seven years.

Their journey takes them back to the familiar surroundings of the Oakleigh Estate in Carlow but their childhood home has become a different place to the one they remember. As they confront the consequences of Bridget’s embittered mother’s actions, they must also come to terms with an agonising choice between family and duty.

And when Cormac’s murky past catches up with him, endangering the ones he loves, will the threat be great enough to crush the hopeful future he and Bridget have envisioned together?

A Class Forsaken is the third book in Susie Murphy’s A Matter of Class series. The story will continue in the fourth book, A Class Coveted. (summary from Goodreads


When I read the first book in this series, I was completely drawn in by the characters and the story unexpectedly and when the second book came out, I couldn’t wait to return to their story and see where things went next. But I seem to recall when I read the first book that at that time it was only meant to be one book or maybe three, but I believe there are going to be many more books to come in this saga and I couldn’t be more excited to hear that. Not only are Murphy’s characters well developed, interesting, and genuine, but their love story is epic and isn’t just something that can be confined to just one book. According to Murphy’s website, it sounds like there are going to be seven books in this saga and I think that’s fantastic news because I am not ready to be done with these characters and their stories yet.

I have never been to Ireland, but reading Murphy’s books makes me feel like I am right there. I love how she describes the setting, it almost takes on a life of its own in each of her books. After reading one of her books I always find myself casually searching for Ireland vacations—one day friends, one day!

When I started reading this one, I was immediately drawn back into Cormac and Bridget’s world and lives. It was as if no time had passed at all between books and I was instantly transported in time. I loved the premise of this one and seeing past issues resurfacing in their lives. As the books have progressed so have our characters. They are no longer who they were in the first book, but now they are more mature and Murphy does an excellent job showing that progression in this book and I think drawing on past events and choices really highlights the shift in Cormac and Bridget nicely.

Cormac and Bridget have undeniable chemistry and that hasn’t changed as the books have progressed. As a reader, I feel invested and committed to finding out more about these characters and their lives. I have seen them grown and change throughout the books and can’t wait to see how they change in future books as well. I love sweeping sagas for this reason and these books have been wonderful reads and capture the essence of sweeping saga. This book was probably my favorite in the series so far. I just loved how past and present come together in this one plus the cover is my favorite. I truly enjoyed reading this one and I can’t wait to see where our characters go and experience next.

Book Info and Rating

Paperback, 329 pages
Expected publication: August 24th 2020
ISBN13 9798670498647
Free review copy provided by author, in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and in no way influenced.
Rating: 5 stars
Genre: historical fiction, romance, saga


3 thoughts on “Review: A Class Forsaken (A Matter of Class #3) by Susie Murphy

  1. I am nearing the end of ‘A Class Forsaken’ and am devastated that it’s the last in the series. I have thoroughly enjoyed your books….. thank you and please hurry up and write some more.

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