Review: The Missing Sister (The Seven Sisters #7) by Lucinda Riley

It’s finally here…..the last book in one of my favorite book series, The Seven Sisters. I have adored my time with the D’Aplièse sisters and their respective romances and stories. Some of the books I liked better than others but overall this series is rock solid with rich characters and stories. I love the alternating time lines and how epic and sweeping the stories always feel.

These books have so much content for readers to sink their teeth into in both the main modern story and the historic one. Personally I always enjoy the historical side better but the D’Aplièse sisters and the mystery of Pa Salt kept me engaged and curious throughout the series. Through the other six books I often wondered if there was truly going to be a 7th book. It was noted so many times in the series there there was a missing sister and honestly I wondered if there would only be six books.

However the sixth book, The Sun Sister, left zero room to doubt that a 7th book would be forthcoming and I couldn’t have been more excited. I hoped that all the lingering questions from the other books would be cleared up in this one…..but it didn’t. If anything it left me with more questions then answers.


The six D’Aplièse sisters have each been on their own incredible journey to discover their heritage, but they still have one question left unanswered: who and where is the seventh sister? 

They only have one clue – an image of a star-shaped emerald ring. The search to find the missing sister will take them across the globe; from New Zealand to Canada, England, France and Ireland, uniting them all in their mission to at last complete their family. 

In doing so, they will slowly unearth a story of love, strength and sacrifice that began almost one hundred years ago, as other brave young women risk everything to change the world around them. 

The Missing Sister is the seventh instalment in Lucinda Riley’s multimillion copy epic series. 

Discover yourself at the heart of history. (summary from Goodreads)


Don’t get me wrong, this was a good book and I liked it, but I had hoped that there would be more resolution in this one than what we actually got. It sounds like there is an 8th book in the series that will be about Pa Salt and I am still trying to decide how I feel about that. On one hand I am excited for it but on the other I wish we had some more resolution in this one rather than dragging it out into another book.

This book spent a lot of time in the beginning catching up with that other sisters which I thought was nice, but would have liked to have seen it wrap up a little faster than it did. The first 20% of the book was catching up with each individual sister in some capacity and seeing what they were doing and how things were going with their respective relationships. We see a number of characters pop in from other books which is fun but for me, I could have done without so much of it. The other thing that kind of bugged (minor spoiler)—-the sisters basically follow Mary around the globe to try and connect with her. It felt presumptuous and beneath them. Each sister has their own adoption story and some of the sisters were hesitant to follow the letter from Pa Salt to find out ‘who they were’ and for me it didn’t seem like Mary wanted to know more but rather wanted nothing to do with them and it felt awkward that they were forcing her to connect with them rather than respecting her choice.

While I might have had a hard time with the sisters parts of this one, the historical part was wonderful! I am not big on Irish history and the home rule but I found it exciting and interesting in this book. Riley does a great job explaining the ’cause’ reasons and the context that some of the different groups were feeling at that time and what the issues were. I thought it added a lot of richness and intrigue to the story. I think historical fiction fans will enjoy these parts and fans of this series will enjoy the book even if some parts were a little odd. I am excited to read the Pa Salt story and hopefully get more resolution on different plot points in the larger narrative. If you haven’t read this series, I do not recommend picking this one up randomly. This is a series that really needs to be read from beginning to end to fully appreciate the characters and sisters.

Book Info and Rating

Format 560 pages, Paperback

Published May 27, 2021 by Blue Box Press

ISBN9781952457227 (ISBN10: 195245722X)

Free review copy provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and in no way influenced.

Rating: 3 stars

Genre: historical fiction


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