Review: The Devil and the Heiress (The Gilded Age Heiresses #2) by Harper St. George

After reading The Heiress Gets a Duke earlier this year, Harper St George was on my ‘one to watch’ list. I immediately preordered this book and was eager to find out what happened to the more reserved Crenshaw sister, Violet. In the first book, August was more headstrong and a little more bold than her sister so I was eager to see how Violet’s character was explored in this one.

Not only do St George’s novels boast fantastic covers but they boast non conventional heroines and dashing heroes with an edge. If you love historical romances I would highly recommend checking this new series out. I found that this book (like the first) was a quick read and you could easily pick it up and put it down and pick it up again and not feel lost. It makes a great read for busy moms who are trying to watch their kids but simply can’t watch another episode of Blippi!

Since it’s summer break, my son is home with me and on those hot days when we are stuck inside we are often watching Blippi—however, I would rather be reading something else more entertaining. So while he’s watching tv, I am able to read a bit. This was the perfect novel to distract me and enjoy but when he needed a snack I could set it down and then pick right back up where I left off and not feel lost in the story or going back to read a page of two because I forgot what was happening!


Sparks fly when a runaway heiress bargains with a devilish rogue to escape a marriage of convenience. 

No one would guess that beneath Violet Crenshaw’s ladylike demeanor lies the heart of a rebel. American heiresses looking to secure English lords must be on their best behavior, but Violet has other plans. She intends to flee London and the marriage her parents have arranged to become a published author–if only the wickedly handsome earl who inspired her most outrageously sinful character didn’t insist on coming with her.

Christian Halston, Earl of Leigh, has a scheme of his own: escort the surprisingly spirited dollar princess north and use every delicious moment in close quarters to convince Violet to marry him. Christian needs an heiress to rebuild his Scottish estate but the more time he spends with Violet, the more he realizes what he really needs is her–by his side, near his heart, in his bed.

Though Christian’s burning glances offer unholy temptation, Violet has no intention of surrendering herself or her newfound freedom in a permanent deal with the devil. It’s going to take more than pretty words to prove this fortune hunter’s love is true… (summary from Goodreads)


Heiress, Violet Crenshaw might be more compliant than her sister August, but that doesn’t mean she is a doormat. I loved how in the first book Violet seemed very compliant and reserved but as this story immediately notes—-she is more like her sister than she let’s on. Violet was shockingly bold and brave in a way that August wasn’t in the first book which really set them apart from one another. I loved that they were sisters that were similar but also so different in their characters. Violet for me was a little more memorable in that she was more willing to go against her parents’ arranged marriage. I loved how she just made up her mind and went with it! Her character was interesting, developed, and set herself apart from her sister in the first book and will distinguish herself in the larger series.

Christian as a hero felt a little flat compared to the Duke in the first book. For me Christian was trotted out as this consummate rate and devil in this book but he didn’t quite live up to the title in my opinion. He owned this racy club and yet we don’t really explore much about the club and his reputation was only mentioned in passing rather than really making it part of his character. It felt like I was being told how he was rather than being shown how devilish he was. But at the same time, I liked his character well enough and found him to be a worthy man for Violet. I also appreciated how he developed later on in the book. Overall he was a charming hero worthy of the readers affection.

As for the heat in this book—the steam was definitely turned up a notch! This book had a lot more steam than the first one if memory serves. I felt that the sex scenes were tastefully done and while there was a lot more steam in this one, it didn’t cross over into ‘flaming’ for me. I found that it was a good balance between story, romance, and steam. I think readers of historical romances will enjoy how well developed the characters are and how much chemistry they all have. I am also thrilled that another installment is coming! I am eager to read about Max’s romance and am looking forward to more books by St George! She’s a wonderful romance writer and I love her characters!

Book Info and Rating

304 pages, Mass Market Paperback

Expected publicationJune 29, 2021 by Berkley Books

ISBN9780593197226 (ISBN10: 0593197224)

Free review copy provided by publisher, Berkley Books in partnership with the Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours blog tour, in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and in no way influenced.

Rating: 5 stars

Genre: historical romance, romance


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About the Author

Harper St. George was raised in rural Alabama and along the tranquil coast of northwest Florida. It was a setting filled with stories of the old days that instilled in her a love of history, romance, and adventure. By high school, she had discovered the historical romance novel which combined all of those elements into one perfect package. She has been hooked ever since.

She lives in the Atlanta area with her husband and two children. When not writing, she can be found devouring her husband’s amazing cooking and reading. She would love to hear from you. Please visit her website at You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Goodreads.

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The Devil and the Heiress

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