Review: A Class Reunited (A Matter of Class #5) by Susie Murphy

When I first started out book blogging (what feels like ages ago by the way!), I read a lot more self published novels or novels that were published by smaller publishing house. As I have grown as a blogger, I now mostly work with larger publishing houses but I have a few self published novelists and smaller publishing houses that I continue to work with and Susie Murphy is one such author! Over the years I have read her A Matter of Class series and honestly it grew so much more than I was expecting when I read the first novel, but more on that soon!

The commitment to writing, editing, and publishing your own novel seems incredibly daunting. Same with smaller publishing houses that also do it all—editing, promotion etc. It’s got to be exhausting so in my mind you must be incredibly dedicated to the novel you are promoting. It must be something that we absolutely believe in to work so long and hard on. That is evident in Murphy’s case! She has done an incredible job writing a nuanced and sweeping historical saga which could not have been easy! And she isn’t stopping at five books!

I am always on the lookout for off the beaten path historical fiction and if you are like me, on the hunt for something you can sink your teeth into then this might be a good option for you! After reading the Outlander series, I really wanted to find something that felt more sweeping and saga like in terms of historical fiction, and this book delivered that for me (minus the time travel!).


They’ll do anything to protect their children…

Having taken matters into her own hands, a triumphant Emily is travelling towards a brighter future. The only thorn in her side is her mulish companion, Rory, who insists upon aggravating her at every opportunity. She believes she has become mistress of her own destiny but a monumental betrayal dashes her hopes and leaves her in a highly precarious position.

Back in Boston, the family she left behind are reeling from the impact of her rash actions. Faced with a difficult decision, they find themselves pulled in different directions. In the midst of fear and uncertainty, further peril befalls them, putting their sons at terrible risk too.

How far will Cormac and Bridget go to save their children? And will their once-happy family ever be whole again?

A Class Reunited is the fifth book in Susie Murphy’s historical fiction series A Matter of Class. The story will continue in the sixth book, A Class Inherited. (summary from Goodreads)


When I first stated this series, I had no idea it was going to turn into this wonderful historical saga. At first I thought maybe three books max but in many ways I felt like the story could have been wrapped up when the first book ended—-but it has gone on! Clearly Murphy is dedicated to this story and its characters. I would have been happy just exploring the initial romance between Cormac and Bridget and that being the end of it with book one, but as this series has evolved and developed, I too have become invested in reading the full story of Cormac and Bridget! So many books stop after the initial meet cute romance with the characters ending up together with the characters presumably running off into the subset to start their HEA. But we forget that the road to HEA rarely runs true which is why I have loved this saga as it really dives into the lives of the two main characters.

As the series has evolved and gone on, so has the writing! Murphy writes with a practiced hand and a prose that is engaging and descriptive without being ‘flowery’ or over the top. In the first book it was polished and concise but as the series has gone on her writing is stronger and has a shine to it now that has been an exciting evolution to watch! It is also evident in all the books that Murphy loves adding historical detail and research to her novels! This book and series have stretched from Ireland to Boston and back again! Murphy has put an incredible amount of research into the details of the books and this one was no exception! There is a lot going on in Boston at this time as well as in Ireland and each have history and issues that are really connected historically and Murphy does a great job incorporating that into her books!

As always, I loved getting back to Cormac and Bridget’s stories! So much has happened since that first book and I am so thrilled to see that Murphy is writing more books in this series! I don’t want spoil anything for those who might want to read the books but man are they getting good! This is defiantly a series you want to start from the beginning—do not skip around in this one! While the books are lengthy (some coming in at over 700 pages!!) this one game in around 400 pages which wasn’t bad, but regardless of length they are absolutely worth reading from the beginning! In this book we get more into the lives of Cormac ad Bridget’s children and I am so excited to see where things go from here! Another wonderful read and certainly a big recommendation from me for anyone who loves historical fiction!

Book Info and Rating


427 pages, PaperbackExpected publication

November 28, 2022ISBN


Free review copy provided by author, Susie Murphy, in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and in no way influenced.

Rating: 4 stars

Genre: historical fiction


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