Review: Whisper of Warning (The Glass Sisters #2) by Laura Griffin

I think I have officially wrapped up one of my last Laura Griffin books. I might read the Alpha Crew novella series and I know there are a couple other smaller series that she wrote which I might also pick up. But as far as the principal books she has written, I think this was the last one. Some of her books have been better than others but I can fully stand behind Griffin being a five star author and all of her series being five star as well.

For some readers, they might find some of the characters off putting, or maybe the chemistry between the characters was a little wanting but overall you cannot deny her superior knowledge of forensics, police procedure, law, and of course military and terrorism. She is an absolutely fantastic writer and researcher and I have never found one of her books wanting in the research or pace categories. They are always interesting and read super quick.

I literally picked up a different book to read (different author) the other day when I was done with this book and I felt lost. The style of the other author was thick and cumbersome and I longed for another Griffin book that was quick, to the point and fast moving. I mean I have been reading Griffin’s books since basically October with a couple of other authors sprinkled in so it was a little jarring to read something more dense. That’s one of the reasons I love Griffin’s books, she is to the point and you get right into the story and they move FAST




Courtney Glass has been in trouble all her life, but nothing tops being an up-close witness to a brutal murder. Until she’s accused of the crime. 

Every scrap of evidence points to her guilt, and only Courtney knows what really happened. Now she must prove that she’s not a murderer…but is one of the killer’s intended victims. As police investigators hammer her for answers, Courtney knows she has two choices: run, or trust the brooding, sexy detective who’s made it clear she’s his prime suspect. 

Will Hodges doesn’t need Special Forces training to know that, despite Courtney’s killer looks and razor-sharp tongue, her tough-girl act hides a vulnerable woman with a deadly secret. As the body count rises, Will realizes that a lethal enemy has Courtney in his crosshairs. The killer is waiting, watching her every move — and he won’t stop until her fear has grown from a whisper to a scream. (summary from Goodreads)


Full disclosure, I was not expecting to like this book like not even a little bit. Courtney was incredibly irritating in the first Glass Sister book and I was NOT excited about reading her story. When it came to these two sisters, I identified with Fiona more. I am the oldest sister so naturally I am more mature and feel like the ‘mother hen’ of sorts and reading Courtney’s character in the first book just felt a little too close to reality. But I was committed to reading this series and I trust Griffin’s skilled hand so I decided to keep an open mind going into this one. Courtney still bugged as a main character for a number of reasons, however I actually liked this mystery and story better than Fiona’s story.

Will and Courtney felt al little like fire and gasoline. Will was pretty uptight and strict where as Courtney was the meow free spirt but they were similar in their stubbornness and when they came together they argued like no other. I actually kind of liked it. Together they worked as a couple because they both were very strong personalities but in different ways and together they made sense as a couple even if I didn’t love their characters. For me Will was a little too rigid and Courtney a little too flippant but somehow Griffin made it a believable romance between them and I enjoyed reading their story even if I didn’t love THEM. I was surprised that Courtney never really came clean to Will about what happened in the car with David but in general it mostly worked.

What I did love in this one was the complicated mystery! I loved the way it unfolded and the twisty road that brought us to the end of the story. It was really well done and I was fully invested and wrapped up in the different angles of the story. Just when I thought I had the mystery solved, some other clue would come along that took us down a different path and I absolutely loved that about this book. Personally I thought this mystery was better than the first book in the series, plus I loved that we got to see when Nathan and Alex met for the first time. It actually sorta made me want to go back and re-read their principal story. I also loved how there were a few tie ins from the first book in this series. Not enough to warrant reading the first book in this series before this one but enough to keep readers and fans of the series invested. Overall I ended up giving this one a 4 star rating!

Book Info and Rating

Mass Market Paperback, 384 pages

Published March 31st 2009 by Pocket Star (first published February 27th 2009)

ISBN 1416570640 (ISBN13: 9781416570646)

Review copy provided by personal collection. All opinions are my own and in no way influenced.

Rating: 4 stars

Genre: romantic suspense, mystery, thriller


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