Special Feature: Two Wars and a Wedding by Lauren Willig

You only need to say the name Lauren Willig to get me hooked! I am a huge Lauren Willig fan and have read almost all of her books. She writes such well crafted historical fiction with some romance and I simply cannot pass on any of her books. Though her Pink Carnation series is still my favorite, I have enjoyed may of her standalone books and collaborations as well! Seeing this latest novel from her got me so excited to get back to reading more of her books! Initially I thought this was going to be a WWI historical fiction but I see now that it’s set during the Greece-Turkey conflict and the Spanish-American war and I think that’s going to be a wonderfully untapped period and I cannot WAIT to check this one out!

Willig truly has a gift for historical fiction. She does an incredible amount of research and she always tries to explore untapped history and time periods for her stories rather than sticking to safe time periods like WWI or WWII. She ventures out into other time periods and settings whenever possible. I have loved reading her books and I cannot imagine a world in which I wouldn’t love one of her novels. This book is out now and already receiving rave reviews from early readers so naturally this one is HIGH on my TBR list right now!

I couldn’t fit this one into my reading schedule presently but you better believe I downloaded a copy of this book and will be starting it soon so I will of course share a review here once I am done! If you love well written historical fiction, with excellent characters, a bit of romance and stories that feel ‘sweeping’ then you don’t want to miss anything by Willig. I am eager to start this one based simply of the cover (though I feel like the title needs some work)! How gorgeous is this cover? Historical fiction fans get this one on your TBR!


From New York Times bestselling author Lauren Willig: a dramatic coming-of-age story with a dual timeline and a single heroine—a bold and adventuring young woman who finds herself caught up in two very different wars on both sides of the Atlantic.

September 1896: As an aspiring archaeologist, Smith College graduate Betsy Hayes travels to Athens, desperate to break into a very male-dominated field and find work at some of the world’s most famous excavation sites. In the midst of the heat and dust of Greece she finds an unlikely ally in philanthropist Charles, Baron de Robecourt, one of the few men who takes her academic passion seriously. But when a simmering conflict between Greece and Turkey erupts into open warfare, Betsy’s archaeological sites become battlefields and she falls into the grim and heroic task of nursing the wounded. As the world around her is irrevocably changed, Betsy finds her heart pulled in multiple directions.

June 1898: As the Spanish-American war begins, an older and wiser Betsy Hayes is searching for her former best friend Ava, who she last saw in Greece during the Greco-Turkish War. She believes that Ava might be with the Red Cross headed to Cuba, so Betsy herself joins the Red Cross and follows Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders straight to the heart of the fighting. As she enters the war zone, dark memories of her last war resurface and her need to protect old and new friends intensifies.

With an unforgettable cast of characters set against two often overlooked but dramatic periods of history, Lauren Willig spins a compelling and heartwarming story about friendship, falling in love at the most inopportune moments, and fighting for what is right. (summary from Goodreads)


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