The Glass Ocean by Beatriz Williams, Lauren Willig, Karen White (Audible Edition)

To say that the three “W” writers are some of my favorites is an understatement. I love all three of these authors and for different reasons. They each tell such a fantastic story and I love that they collaborated on this book together!

I knew they all co-wrote another book, The Forgotten Room, but I haven’t yet read that one. When this one came out, I ordered the ebook but they as usual, it got buried in my endless TBR list.

Then, I discovered audiobooks and was thrilled to see that this one came up as a suggestion based on my wish list. I knew that it was the right time to read this book, so I downloaded it and started listening. Continue reading “The Glass Ocean by Beatriz Williams, Lauren Willig, Karen White (Audible Edition)”


Review: Circe by Madeline Miller, Perdita Weeks (Narrator)

As I have recently shared with you all, I only just got into audiobooks. I read—or rather listened—-to a few that I really liked and saw instantly that I could benefit from an Audible subscription.

One of the first books recommended to me was Circe. My sister highly recommended it and so did just about everyone on my Instagram poll.

I was eager to read this one because frankly it’s been everywhere and I have been dying to read it. Everyone said Perdita Weeks was a wonderful narrator so I was excited to use my very first Audible credit on this book! Continue reading “Review: Circe by Madeline Miller, Perdita Weeks (Narrator)”

Review: Northanger Abbey: An Audible Original Drama by Anna Lea (Adaptor), Emma Thompson (Narrator)

Everyone keeps telling me that I need to try audiobooks. I have only really done one or two in the last year or so and I found them to be fun but at the same time it just seemed like it would take me forever to ‘read’ a book that way.

I am a speed reader so depending on the book, I can crank out a few every week but with an audio book I worry that I am stuck listening at the narrators own pace. Then I ended up with Becoming by Michelle Obama on my Audible account and even though it took me forever to ‘read’ the book, it was so relaxing to have someone reading to me.

I found that I enjoyed the whole audio book experience and that I could easily work it into my days. My kid is the worst napper on the planet so a lot of the time I have to sit with him or lay with him and if he sees me reading on my iPad he wants it to play games. But with audio books I can pop in my head phones and lay there until he falls asleep with the lights out and listen to a great story!

So long story short, I ended up loving Audible and started looking for something entertaining to listen to next. Enter this dramatization of Northanger Abbey. Continue reading “Review: Northanger Abbey: An Audible Original Drama by Anna Lea (Adaptor), Emma Thompson (Narrator)”

Review: Becoming by Michelle Obama (Audiobook Version, Narrated by Michelle Obama)

The amount of times I ugly cried during this book was obscene. Let’s just get that out of the way right off the bat. Have tissues ready.

When I saw this book was coming out, I wasn’t waiting with baited breaths like everyone I knew, mostly because I’m not really into biographies and I am not all that into politics.

However, when the reviews started pouring in on this book, my interest grew more.

I ended up deciding to try Audible and with my free book credit, I snagged this book and for one reason—it’s narrated by the author. Continue reading “Review: Becoming by Michelle Obama (Audiobook Version, Narrated by Michelle Obama)”

Review: Absolute Proof by Peter James (Audio Edition Narrated by Hugh Bonneville)

I haven’t listened to a whole lot of audiobooks during my 10 years of book blogging. I am a much faster reader so listening to audiobooks seems frustrating for me because I can speed read faster than someone can read to me.

Plus I tend to get interrupted a lot during the day so having to stop what I am listening to is sometimes harder than just putting a bookmark in. However, I have been spending more time in my car lately with my little one.

I am a stay at home mom and the closest form of toddler entertainment is about an hour away in Portland. So a few times a week I spend about 2 hours on the road. My little boy is perfectly content watching traffic going by or playing a game. Now mommy on the other hand likes to multitask. So when this audiobook came up, I was intrigued and since I have been driving so much more lately, I was eager to give this one a try……plus I love Hugh Bonneville so there’s that. Continue reading “Review: Absolute Proof by Peter James (Audio Edition Narrated by Hugh Bonneville)”