Review: The Rewind by Allison Winn Scotch

I love all the 1990s nostalgia that is going on right now. Dr Martens are making a come back (glad I kept my pair from high school!), the Boo Pails are back at McDonalds, flare jeans and baby doll dresses with a white tee are back with a vengeance! YEAH flare jeans! My 1990s kid heart is so happy and I am just loving it! I love seeing remakes of some of my favorite 1990s films—the remakes aren’t great (looking at you Baywatch!) but it’s fun to see people trying to introduce them to as new audience! And I have seen a number of books thick with 1990s nostalgia and I am absolutely here for it!

That was the number one reason I wanted to read this book—-1990s nostalgia. Well that and it had romance so you know I am all over that! I am not a fan of second chance romances though so I was a little hesitant to read this one based on the fact that the characters already had a complex history, but the promise of a Y2K filled book of nostalgia, I couldn’t pass it up!

This book is definitely not the fluffy romance I was expecting, but it was a lot of fun to read and I love discovering new to me authors. I am excited to read more books by Allison Winn Scotch. I haven’t read anything else by her but after reading this one I am excited to read some of her others. As we start to get into the holiday season, this book might be a great option as it has a strong holiday influence so keep that in mind as you are lining up your holiday reading. If you are a 1990s kid, you will find a lot to enjoy in this one!

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Review: The Most Likely Club by Elyssa Friedland

I can vividly remember my very first assembly in high school as a freshman. It was the ‘senior assembly’ where they announced all the ‘most likely to’ people. This was the mid 1990’s so they were still doing things like ‘best legs’ and’ most likely to marry a rich guy’. So obviously things like this are pretty outdated now a days but I can still remember wondering what I would be voted ‘most likely’ as when I became a senior. As luck would have it I never got to find out. I moved my senior year of high school to a large school that had done away with this by the time I was as senior.

But that doesn’t mean I still don’t wonder! That is what appealed to me about this book—-the nostalgia. This book looked like it was going to be FULL of 1990s nostalgia and something that I could FULLY relate to now as an adult! I have never attended a single high school reunion even though I am approaching the 25 year mark. I have had zero desire to attend one as I have zero desire to ever revisit my high school years. But now that I have moved back to my small home town, I see a lot of people that I used to go to school with so it’s sort of like having a reunion every time I go to the grocery store.

This book was at the top of my TBR going into the fall, just knowing that someone else out in author-land also wanted to have a mini high school reunion through their new novel made me really excited and I couldn’t WAIT to start this one. I think for a certain demographic, this book is going to be a big hit. Maybe not for everyone, but definitely for the early 40s demographic!

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Review: Love on the Brain by Ali Hazelwood

When I was asked to review this book, I was beyond excited! I haven’t read anything by Ali Hazelwood before but I was well aware of her STEM romance bestseller, The Love Hypothesis. I have The Love Hypothesis on audiobook as well as a hard copy and have been meaning to read it. Then I saw this one was coming out and I instantly added it to my review calendar because I just KNEW I would love this book!

I love that the author features women in academia and STEM, I mean there really isn’t anything out there like that and when you throw in a hot romance with book and science nerds I think you really have something that stands out. The Love Hypothesis has gotten a TON of hype over the last year and why not? It’s hot new and sexy. Hazelwood has really found a niche genre here and I was so excited to check out this latest book so I could experience the craze for myself.

I also saw that so many early reviews just loved this book. I read some of the early reviews on Goodreads and the closer I got to summer the more excited I was to read this one. I love romance novels in the summer and with the smart and STEM-y-ness of this book, it was sure to be a quick read for me and one that I would enjoy while I was on vacation in Arizona. I mean all of those early reviews couldn’t be wrong right?

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Review: The Lost Summers of Newport by Beatriz Williams, Karen White, and Lauren Willig

I have read all of Lauren Willig’s book and many by both Beatriz Williams and Karen White. All of their books have been some of my most favorite reads. Then they started to team up and write collective books together and I devoured those books so incredibly fast! I love how well written each book is and not just independently but as a writing team. When I saw this book was coming out, I knew I had to read it. I love how in all of their collective books, there are characters that make appearances in other collective books. For example in this book we meet Prunella who has been in some of the other books by this writing team.

These three authors are some of the best in the historical fiction genre and I never feel disappointed in any of their independent books or their collective books. I debated about reading this one of listening to it on audiobook. I actually downloaded it in both formats but ended up reading it instead of listening to it. With the books written by the ‘Three W’s’ as I call them, I find that the audiobook is sometimes preferable as each chapter is based on a different character and written by different authors. So the audiobook usually gives readers more of an experience with the narration changes etc.

If you are looking for a powerhouse historical fiction book, anything by these three women will surely hit the mark whether it’s collective like this book or their own independent books. You simply cannot go wrong with these writers when it comes to historical fiction. While this book had some issues for me, overall it was enjoyable and I would absolutely read it again and anything by them! They are easily autobuy authors for me and I am looking forward to their next collaboration.

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Special Feature: The Accidental Pinup by Danielle Jackson

I absolutely love the message this books sends! Like it or not, representation in all forms matters! When I was growing up, I was not necessarily a ‘big girl’ but I certainly wasn’t a Kate Moss either! Kate Moss was the quintessential ‘ideal woman’ of the 1990s. She was on the cover of every magazine I read at that time and I just couldn’t understand why I didn’t look like her. I knew from a very young age that there just weren’t ‘plus’ or ‘athletic’ women on any covers or ad campaigns.

Now everywhere I look, I see thicker women, plus size models, and athletic women on covers, in ad campaigns, and I am absolutely here for it! I love seeing women with real bodies and muscles and looking fierce in swim suits, lingerie , and regular day clothes! That was one of the things that caught my eye about this book. I loved that the catalyst for the story is a body positive lingerie campaign—-not to mention the main character is a black woman! I love that this book address body positivity and incorporates other forms of diversity!

This is Danielle Jackson’s debut novel and I am absolutely here for it! It’s a modern day romance for the modern day woman—the modern day real woman! So many romance novels feature ‘slim white women’ but not this book! If you want to read about a realistic woman with modern struggles and solutions with characters who embrace their curves, then this is the book for you. I am so happy to feature this one on my blog today! It’s out now and receiving positive reviews and ratings so be sure to check it out!

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