Review: A Royal Pain (Her Royal Spyness #2) by Rhys Bowen

As you might have guessed, I am burning my way through this series at an alarming rate. Not even half way through the first book, I had to order the rest of the books in the series because I knew that I would be reading all of them in a matter of weeks.

I have read the latest book in this series, Four Weddings and Maybe a Funeral (the last book to date)….I know—don’t ask me why but I read them completely out of order and I figured that I better remedy that situation and start from the beginning.

But I wasn’t expecting to love this series as much as I do! The books are easy breezy reads and I have no trouble racing through them in a matter of days. They are interesting and simply fun! Continue reading “Review: A Royal Pain (Her Royal Spyness #2) by Rhys Bowen”


Review: Her Royal Spyness (Her Royal Spyness #1) by Rhys Bowen

People. It finally happened.

I have had gifted Her Royal Spyness by my mom at least 4 times. Yes I have 4 copies of this book on my book shelf at any given time. I have read a number of Bowen’s books and I comment every single time about how I haven’t read this series.

I recently read Four Weddings and Maybe a Funeral…..which was the last book in the series. Talk about late to the party. I thought it was a great read but obviously I was missing a huge back story between Darcy and Georgie. I vowed then that I would remedy that situation and read Her Royal Spyness.

And then I didn’t.

Flash forward to a few weeks ago. I had been knee deep in some heavy duty books both in length and content and I just needed a break. Something easy, fast paced, and generally relaxing. I finally—finally—after a number of years (eight by my count), picked up this book to read. Continue reading “Review: Her Royal Spyness (Her Royal Spyness #1) by Rhys Bowen”

Review: Murder Lo Mein (A Noodle Shop Mystery #3) by Vivien Chien

I discovered Lana Lee and the Noodle Shop Mystery series just over a year ago and frankly I paid yes to the first book because I loved the Chinese take out container on the front—-it made me hungry. I am seriously motivated by food, it’s embarrassing!

But, that cute little Chinese container book contained a rather interesting mystery and a hysterical leading lady in Lana Lee. I was eager for the next book and found it equally enjoyable.

So here we are with the third book and the fourth due out this summer. I was absolutely on board with reading the third book. How could I not love this series with food on the cover and creatively named titles based on Chinese food?! Personally, I don’t like Chinese food, but Ho Lee Noodle House makes me want to eat all the Chinese food! Continue reading “Review: Murder Lo Mein (A Noodle Shop Mystery #3) by Vivien Chien”

Review: A Dangerous Collaboration (Veronica Speedwell #4) by Deanna Raybourn

This was a series that I perpetually have no pre order. I was sold on it even before it came out. I saw the cover in 2015 and immediately knew I needed this book so I pre ordered a copy. I fell in love with Veronica Speedwell the moment I started reading.

She was refreshing, unconventional, over the top, and just so sassy. I loved the chemistry between her and her leading man, Stoker. Since the inception of this series, I have been first in line with the next installment comes out.

The last book left me feeling a little wanting in the relationship department though, so I was extra eager to get my hands on this book to see if Veronica and Stoker finally finally finally, admit that they are clearly made for each other. Continue reading “Review: A Dangerous Collaboration (Veronica Speedwell #4) by Deanna Raybourn”

Review: Live and Let Pie (A Bakeshop Mystery #9) by Ellie Alexander

As I have said before, I love supporting local authors or at the very least, books set in my home state. Oregon isn’t exactly the most exciting state in the union so when I find books set here, I am always interested to read them and see how they measure up.

That’s how I found Ellie Alexander. When one of Alexander’s book came up for review, I was eager to read it and I loved it! It was the first in a new series and was set in Leavenworth Washington. Ok so not exactly Oregon but close enough. Then I started reading her other more established series, Bakeshop Mysteries which are set in Ashland Oregon.

Now granted I have only read one book in the Bakeshop Mystery series, I thought it was a fun cozy read with great setting, plus I felt like I gained a million pounds reading about all the delicious foods!

When this one came up for review, I thought it would be a fun, quick book to read on the airplane as I traveled to Arizona for the holidays. It turns out it was the perfect book to wrapped my year up with!  Continue reading “Review: Live and Let Pie (A Bakeshop Mystery #9) by Ellie Alexander”