Special Feature: The Alchemist of Lost Souls (Bianca Goddard Mysteries #4) by Mary Lawrence

The first thing that caught my eye about this book was the title. I love the mystical and scientific world of alchemy and I thing it makes for an interesting backdrop for a murder mystery. Also the time period. So so so many historical mysteries are set from the Victorian era thru WWII and while I love all those periods, there are times when it feels a little stale. This time period is ripe with superstition and I think it will do nicely for a series such as this.

When I saw this book, I didn’t even care that it was 4th in a series, the time period alone sounded refreshing (it’s set in 1544!) and I’ve also been assured that each book reads as a standalone. I will have it up for official review in June, but I’ve gotta say, I’ve already peaked the first chapter and already loving it!

I also have a copy up for giveaway this week over on my Instagram page so be sure to check that out as well! The book is available today so I wanted to make sure it was on all of your radar! I am eager to discover this new and exciting heroine who does all her sleuthing in a very unique period!


A dangerous element discovered by Bianca Goddard’s father falls into the wrong hands . . . leading to a chain of murders.

Spring 1544 Now that she is with child, Bianca is more determined than ever to distance herself from her unstable father. Desperate to win back the favor of King Henry VIII, disgraced alchemist Albern Goddard plans to reveal a powerful new element he’s discovered–one with deadly potential. But when the substance is stolen, he implores his daughter to help.

Soon after, a woman’s body is found behind the Dim Dragon Inn, an eerie green vapor rising from her mouth. Bianca has reason to suspect her own mother may be involved in the theft and the murder. When her husband John is conscripted into King Henry’s army to subdue Scottish resistance, finding the stone becomes a matter of life and death. Bianca must unravel the interests of alchemists, apothecaries, chandlers, and scoundrels–to find out who among them is willing to kill to possess the element known as lapis mortem, the stone of death (summary from Goodreads).

About the Author

The Bianca Goddard Mysteries are set in Tudor London during the final years of King Henry VIII’s reign. Bianca is the daughter of an infamous alchemist who uses her ‘wits’ and sometimes alchemy to solve murders. The series consists of (in order) THE ALCHEMIST’S DAUGHTER, DEATH OF AN ALCHEMIST, and DEATH AT ST. VEDAST. THE ALCHEMIST OF LOST SOULS will release in May 2019, with one more book to follow from Kensington.

I grew up in Indiana but I’ve spent most of my life living in Maine. I’ve also spent most of my life working in hospitals and labs. On the side, I began writing mostly to escape boredom. It’s taken me years to learn how to craft a decent novel. (Or what I term decent). I supplemented my income by writing indexes for publishers. Occasionally I will pen an article and I have been published by the national news blog, The Daily Beast.

I love Tudor England and I focus on the lower classes. My Bianca Goddard mysteries are meant to entertain and I hope they will engage readers who might not pick up period historicals as a first choice. It is an intriguing period, full of superstition, and the makings for interesting characters.

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Special Feature: A Good Enough Mother by Bev Thomas

I always love reading debut authors, especially when the story sounds personal and cleaver. This title caught my eye mostly because I am a mother, so I was drawn to at least reading the summary.

The summary sounds crazy, and in a good way. I will let you judge for yourself if it sounds interesting or not, but for me, it was definitely an intriguing summary and plot. I am going to try and fit it in later this summer because it sounds like a crazy plot that will keep me reading late into the night.

But until then, I want this book to be on your radar! I will also be hosting a giveaway for this book over on my Instagram page this week so be watching for that!


A riveting page-turner that lets us inside the secret world of therapist and patient, where boundaries get crossed, and events spiral out of control. . .

Ruth Hartland is a psychotherapist with years of experience. But professional skill is no guard against private grief. The mother of grown twins, she is haunted by the fact that her beautiful, difficult, fragile son Tom, a boy who never “fit in,” disappeared a year and a half earlier. She cannot give up hope of finding him, but feels she is living a kind of half-life, waiting for him to return.

Enter a new patient, Dan–unstable and traumatized–who looks exactly like her missing son. She is determined to help him, but soon, her own complicated feelings, about how she has failed her own boy, cloud her professional judgement. And before long, the unthinkable becomes a shattering reality….

An utterly compelling drama with a timebomb at its core, A Good Enough Mother is a brilliant, beautiful story of mothering, and how to let go of the ones we love when we must (summary from Goodreads)

About the Author

Bev Thomas was a clinical psychologist in the NHS for many years. She currently works as an organizational consultant in mental health and other services. She lives in London with her family.


Special Feature: A Veil Removed (Henrietta and Inspector Howard #4) by Michelle Cox

I started this series a few years ago when it first came out and I thought at that time that it was a promising new series that was a little off the beaten path.

Since then every time that a new novel comes out, I always seem to be so booked out and can never fit in the latest book! But I want to make sure that you guys don’t miss out on another wonderful historical mystery!

This book will be available on 4/30 so you have a few more days to get your preorders in and add this one to your TBR list! I included some links to purchase below. You can also pick up the other books in the series on Amazon as well!


Their honeymoon abruptly ended by the untimely death of Alcott Howard, Clive and Henrietta return to Highbury, where Clive discovers all is not as it should be. Increasingly convinced that his father’s death was not an accident, Clive launches his own investigation, despite his mother’s belief that he has become “mentally disturbed” with grief. Henrietta eventually joins forces with Clive on their first real case, which becomes darker—and deadlier—than they imagined as they get closer to the truth behind Alcott’s troubled affairs.

Meanwhile, Henrietta’s sister, Elsie, begins, at Henrietta’s orchestration, to take classes at a women’s college—an attempt to evade her troubles and prevent any further romantic temptations. When she meets a bookish German custodian at the school, however, he challenges her to think for herself . . . even as she discovers some shocking secrets about his past life (summary from Goodreads).

About the Author

Michelle Cox is the author of the multiple award-winning Henrietta and Inspector Howard series as well as “Novel Notes of Local Lore,” a weekly blog dedicated to Chicago’s forgotten residents. She suspects she may have once lived in the 1930s and, having yet to discover a handy time machine lying around, has resorted to writing about the era as a way of getting herself back there. Coincidentally, her books have been praised by Kirkus, Library Journal, Publishers Weekly, Booklist and many others, so she might be on to something. Unbeknownst to most, Michelle hoards board games she doesn’t have time to play and is, not surprisingly, addicted to period dramas and big band music. Also marmalade.

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Special Feature: THE MISSING YEARS by Lexie Elliott

It’s release day for THE MISSING YEARS by Lexie Elliott! I am reading this one later this spring but I am so excited to share the one with all of my readers!

Since it’s out today for purchase, be sure to pick up a copy and check out all the advanced praise it’s getting.

I can’t wait to read this one, the eerie Scottish manor house description appeals to my inner Gothic fiction fan, so needless to say I am eager to start it but until there here is a little bit of info about this new thrilling release!

An eerie, old Scottish manor in the middle of nowhere that’s now hers.

Ailsa Calder has inherited half of a house. The other half belongs to a man who disappeared without a trace twenty-seven years ago—her father.

Leaving London behind to settle the inheritance from her mother’s estate, Ailsa returns to her childhood home, nestled amongst the craggy peaks of the Scottish Highlands, joined by the half-sister who’s almost a stranger to her.

Ailsa can’t escape the claustrophobic feeling that the house itself is watching her—as if her past hungers to consume her. She also can’t ignore how the neighbourhood animals refuse to set one foot within the gates of the garden.

When the first nighttime intruder shows up, Ailsa fears that the manor’s careless rugged beauty could cost her everything (summary from Goodreads).  Continue reading “Special Feature: THE MISSING YEARS by Lexie Elliott”

Review: An Artless Demise (Lady Darby Mystery #7) by Anna Lee Huber

Lady Darby has been a favorite heroine of mine for some time now. I only recently discovered the series a couple of years ago, but from the moment I started reading The Anatomist’s Wife, I was completely in love with her character.

Reviewing this book was a no brainer. I have loved watching this series evolve and progress, shifting from mystery, to romantic suspense, and back to more mystery and I have loved every single book. Plus Huber is a wonderful writer with many of her books ranking highly on my recommended list!

I have recommended all of her books to everyone I know and have loved seeing friends and family fall in love not only with Lady Darby but with Verity Kent as well! Each could be read as a stand alone book in my opinion as the author does a great job orientating the reader within the story and the character backstories, so if you have your eye on this book but haven’t read the others, don’t fret you won’t be horribly lost. Continue reading “Review: An Artless Demise (Lady Darby Mystery #7) by Anna Lee Huber”