Review: The Twelve Clues of Christmas (Royal Spyness #6) by Rhys Bowen

Over the last year or so, I have been making a big effort to go back and catch up on some long running historical mystery series that I have loved but haven’t read all the books.

The Royal Spyness books are at the top of that list. I read a few of the later books and then went back and read a few of the first books in the series but then I kind of stalled on the series and moved on to something else.

I meant to pick this one up at Christmas time as this one is obviously set around the holidays, but I didn’t and then I just forgot about it. I needed a pallet cleansing book lately though and I thought this was the ticket to clearing my head after some heavy reading. Continue reading “Review: The Twelve Clues of Christmas (Royal Spyness #6) by Rhys Bowen”

Review: Riviera Gold (Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes #16) by Laurie R. King

I absolutely adore the Russell and Holmes books! Sadly I have only read a couple of them but this is a series that I knew I would love the second I cracked open the first book a few years ago.

But as you can see this is a very long standing series and while I only read a couple of the books in the series, it’s a series that I know I would pick up again when I needed something guaranteed to be enjoyable.

When I was approached to read this book I debated about passing, simply because I knew there were a number of books I would need to read to get caught up on the series, but I also really loved the sound of this mystery and I ultimately caved and couldn’t wait to get reacquainted with some of my favorite characters. Continue reading “Review: Riviera Gold (Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes #16) by Laurie R. King”

Review: Passing Fancies (Julia Kydd #2) by Marlowe Benn

Last year I read the first book in this series and I thought it was a promising start and was eager to see how this book would be. I remember that the first book was a little on the slower side but I loved Julia the heroine and that’s what made me want to read this one.

One of the things that always caught my attention was that one of the featured characters was a black singer, so right away I thought that this book would likely tackle some big issues like race.

At a time like this, I am looking to diversify my reading and while this book isn’t by a black author and isn’t meant to be a book about race, it did have racial issues and themes not to mention white privilege in the story, and I thought it was an interesting mystery. Continue reading “Review: Passing Fancies (Julia Kydd #2) by Marlowe Benn”

Review: A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder (A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder #1) by Holly Jackson

I stumbled on this book while scrolling through my Instagram feed and since I am my book club dictator—I mean book club host—I thought I would suggest this book for our June read since it sounded fun.

A slight back story here, my book club is small and we all love murder mysteries so we try to read only murder mysteries but we have all read so many murder mysteries so it’s hard to find one we haven’t all read. Since this one just came out, I thought it would be a good pick.

Fortunately everyone else thought the same thing and so it was settled—we would read this book for June. I downloaded a copy on my Kindle since it was on sale—let’s put it this way, I downloaded it late Tuesday night and I was done by Thursday night. Continue reading “Review: A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder (A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder #1) by Holly Jackson”

Take Two Review: My Lovely Wife by Samantha Downing

When this book came out last year, I was instantly sold on the summary. It sounded so dark and twisted and I was dying to read it.

I made room for it on my review schedule and was so glad that I did. Recently a few of my closest girlfriends have been tossing around the idea of starting a muderino-esque book club where all we read is thrillers and/or true crime books. Being THE reader in this group, it has fallen to me to pick books that I think would be great for our little book club.

This was the first book I had thought of when we started talking about our little book club and even though I had read it, I remember reading it so fast that I knew there was plenty that I was missing and that it would be fun to read again. Continue reading “Take Two Review: My Lovely Wife by Samantha Downing”