Review: Blame the Dead by Ed Ruggero

One of the main reasons that I decided to read this book was because the author was a former military officer. I am really into military history, especially Civil War and WWI/WWII. My dad was also in the military and I grew up with military history.

I thought this one sounded like it would bring a lot of history to life mixed into a historical mystery. I also like that this book was going to be sent it Italy during the war instead of the traditional France or England.

This book ended up being quite a different read than I was expecting. So many historical mysteries lean toward the fluffy side, but this one was decidedly more gritty. Continue reading “Review: Blame the Dead by Ed Ruggero”

Review: Egg Drop Dead (A Noodle Shop Mystery #5) by Vivien Chien

I picked up this mystery series on a whim when it first came out. I had no idea what to expect but I was craving ramen noodles and when I saw the cover of the first book, I felt like I could enjoy ramen noodles without actually having to eat ramen noodles (spoiler, I still ate ramen).

What I found with this series was a refreshing colorful series with lots of fun and quirky characters. When I pick up a cozy to read, so many of them are set in small towns and are full of baking or cat owning characters. Does this series have that? Well yes—-and no. I mean Lana Lee works at a Chinese restaurant, so baking—check. And she owns a dog—so owns animal, check. And it’s set in Cleveland Ohio—not so small town, small town. Basically, this series manages to tick the cozy boxes while still being different and memorable.

I fell in love with Lana Lee and I get ridiculously excited when I see a new Noodle Shop Mystery coming out because I feel like Lana still fits the cozy mould but she also manages to stay young hip and relevant for the 30 something readers. Continue reading “Review: Egg Drop Dead (A Noodle Shop Mystery #5) by Vivien Chien”

Review: The King’s Justice (Maggie Hope #9) by Susan Elia MacNeal

When I first stumbled on Maggie Hope, it was early 2012. I was one of the first people to read and review Mr Churchill’s Secretary and I fell head over heals for Maggie right then and there!

I have adored many of the books in the series thus far and I can’t believe we are on the 9th book already!

Obviously when this book came up for review, I was thrilled to be reading more about Maggie’s journey and checking in with many of my favorite characters in the series. After the last book, I had high hopes for this one as well! Continue reading “Review: The King’s Justice (Maggie Hope #9) by Susan Elia MacNeal”

Take Two Review: Why Kill the Innocent (Sebastian St. Cyr #13) by C.S. Harris

When I first read this book, it was only the third book I had read in this series. I read book 1 and then book 12 before reading this one and that was it. I went into this one feeling a little lost in the series in regards to the principle characters, but tried to keep my focus on the mystery itself.

Then back in Dec, I decided to bit the bullet as it were and read the entire series again from beginning to end as it was intended and what I have discovered is this series is positively unputdownable!

While I might not love every book in the series, I have found that I now can fully appreciate the detailed nuances of the character connections, changes, and relationships much better than when I picked this one up originally! Continue reading “Take Two Review: Why Kill the Innocent (Sebastian St. Cyr #13) by C.S. Harris”

Take Two Review: Where the Dead Lie (Sebastian St. Cyr #12) by C.S. Harris

I was first approached to read this series in 2017. At that time I hadn’t heard of Sebastian St Cyr and was hesitant to read the twelfth book in the series, so I read the first book with the intention of reading the series before this one, but sadly that was overly ambitious and I only had time for book 1 and then moved right into this one.

At that time I enjoyed the mystery and didn’t feel lost in the mystery itself, but definitely felt lost with some of the other plot points threaded through out the series. As a result, I felt that it was a worthy while read but I missed the nuances of the narrative and didn’t focus on the mystery as much because I was trying to figure out what had changed since the first book.

Now that I am re-reading the entire series from beginning to end, I am finally back to where it all began, with the twelfth book and I was eager to see if I enjoyed it more or less this time around. Continue reading “Take Two Review: Where the Dead Lie (Sebastian St. Cyr #12) by C.S. Harris”