Review: When Falcons Fall (Sebastian St. Cyr #11) by C.S. Harris

Now that I have completed this book, I am caught up with the series however I decided to keep reading and re-read the other books in this series so that I could read the later books with a more complete view of the larger narrative.

I was excited for this one because it was going to take us out of London and into the country with the promise of finding out more about Sebastian’s history. That was the big draw for me with this book, but I have to admit, I sort of missed foggy old London.

If you haven’t read this series, this would be a difficult book to pick up and read as a standalone. This one focuses a lot on other treads of Sebastian and Hero’s narrative so if you are thinking of starting here, pick another book. Even the next book in the series would be easier to pick up and read than this one. The series is excellent and I highly recommend reading them all as a series in order but there are some that can read as standalones but again this book isn’t one of them. Continue reading “Review: When Falcons Fall (Sebastian St. Cyr #11) by C.S. Harris”

Review: Who Buries the Dead (Sebastian St. Cyr #10) by C.S. Harris

I just couldn’t resist picking up another Sebastian St Cyr mystery. I toyed with the idea of taking a break and reading something else but I just kept coming back to this series and wanted to know what was in store for Sebastian so here we are with yet another review.

I think it’s safe to say that I will easily surpass my Goodreads reading goal this year considering I’ve already finished 10 books in this series before January was even done!

Though I will say, I am tempted to take a break after this one because this was my least favorite in the series thus far and let me tell you why…. Continue reading “Review: Who Buries the Dead (Sebastian St. Cyr #10) by C.S. Harris”

Review: Why Kings Confess (Sebastian St. Cyr #9) by C.S. Harris

I love binge reading different series, but this is probably the longest series I have endeavored to binge read.

I am so torn between soldiering on and taking a break now that I have finished book 10, and yes I know this is the review for book 9, but I finished book 10 last night and was considering taking a break.

But I will be honest, I started reading a different book and I couldn’t tear my thoughts away from this series and I eventually abandoned it to return to another Sebastian St Cyr book. Many of you know that I read multiple books at one time. I usually have a book that I read in the morning, lunch time, and bed time as well as an audio book that I listen to in the car…..the Sebastian St Cyr books have been my bed time reading and while I know I should be reading other books, I simply can’t put this series down! Continue reading “Review: Why Kings Confess (Sebastian St. Cyr #9) by C.S. Harris”

Review: What Darkness Brings (Sebastian St. Cyr #8) by C.S. Harris

I am just about caught up with this series now. I started the series with book 12 and have read through to book 14, but then I decided to go back and read the series from start to finish.

I have just about achieved my goal, but I no doubt will go back and do a take two review on the books I read out of sequence so that I have a better grasp of all the events from beginning to end.

This mystery was excellent. I loved having a victim that I loathed and I thought the author did a fantastic job at justifying the pursuit of justice that Sebastian sought. Continue reading “Review: What Darkness Brings (Sebastian St. Cyr #8) by C.S. Harris”

Review: When Maidens Mourn (Sebastian St. Cyr #7) by C.S. Harris

I have decided that I need to start writing my reviews on the Sebastian St Cyr books immediately after finishing them now, because as soon as I put one down, I pick up the next one. Then on days like today when I am going back to write my reviews, I realize that I am on book 9 and have to think back to two books before.

What I am trying to say is, the mysteries are running together for me and I am not even mad about it! So let me try and think back to this book which I only finished a couple of days ago, but it seems like a lifetime ago now.

This series has really held up for me. It’s not easy to binge read a series as lengthy as this one but I am doing it and not even apologizing. I love this series and while some books might be slightly formulaic, it’s the evolution of Sebastian’s character that stands the test of time for me. Continue reading “Review: When Maidens Mourn (Sebastian St. Cyr #7) by C.S. Harris”