REVIEW: The Royal Secret by Lucinda Riley

I have been a long time fan of Lucinda Riley and am making my way through the Seven Sister’s books again, this time on audiobook.

I absolutely love her writing and count her as one of my favorite authors. When I saw that she had a new book coming out in the US (it was already published in the UK I believe), I was thrilled and eager to read it.

Her books tend to be on the longish side, but I was happy to adjust my schedule and work this book in because I know the kind of books she writes and I was sure to not be disappointed.

Though I did have to aggressively read some of the other books that I have on my schedule, I was happy to do so, so that I could fit this one in! Continue reading “REVIEW: The Royal Secret by Lucinda Riley”


Review: The Silent Woman (Cat Carlisle #1) by Terry Lynn Thomas

Long before this book tour came about, I downloaded this book. I thought the cover was eye catching and I am a sucker for historical mysteries, so I downloaded it on my Kindle…….

And promptly forgot about it. Like everything else in my electronic life, things get buried before I even know they are there! My Kindle is full of great books that I have ordered and forgotten about.

So when this book came up for review as part of the HFVBT tour group, I was eager to join up. I didn’t even realize that I already owned the book until I went to download it again and found that I already had it!

Now I had a reason to actually read it and I was happy that I could unearth it from my Kindle and check out a new to me heroine! Continue reading “Review: The Silent Woman (Cat Carlisle #1) by Terry Lynn Thomas”

Review: Naughty in Nice (Royal Spyness #5) by Rhys Bowen

Slowly I am binging this entire series and I hope you have been following along with my reviews on each book. I have no stranger to Rhys Bowen’s books, but this series was one that just kept flying under my radar.

My mom gifted me the first book in this series at least 4 times and I did give in and read the last book in the series—-first, like an idiot. But I decided to finally remedy the situation and started this series from the beginning.

As I said, I am slowly binging the series so that I can be nice and caught up for the new book being released later this summer.

The books are super quick reads and I can usually hammer out one a week in between my other reading commitments, so here we are with number 5! Continue reading “Review: Naughty in Nice (Royal Spyness #5) by Rhys Bowen”

Special Feature: Theater of Spies (Tales from the Black Chamber #2) by S.M. Stirling

Black Chamber released last year and it was one of my most anticipated reads. I don’t read a whole lot of alternative history, but this one sounded so good.

While it ended up not being my cup of tea, I did appreciate the story and creativity that went into writing this new spin on history.

The follow up book Theater of Spies is out now and promises to be an equally wild ride full of spies and blinding twists! This series has been described as ‘Wonder Woman meets The Man in the High Castle with a splash of James Bond’ and I completely agree with this description.

Besides the fascinating time period, it boasts stunning exotic locales, death-defying feats and battles, dangerous-yet-sexy agents of foreign powers, and the highest of stakes. Continue reading “Special Feature: Theater of Spies (Tales from the Black Chamber #2) by S.M. Stirling”

Review: Royal Blood (Royal Spyness #4) by Rhys Bowen

As promised, I have been making my way through the Royal Spyness Mystery series these last few weeks.

I actually started this one at the end and then decided to go back and read the other books. There are 12 so far and I am sadly only on book 4. But I am making my way as fast as I can through the books and enjoying each one as I go.

They are quick reads and delightfully light and yet entertaining enough to keep me reading into the late hours (especially on the weekends!).

If you have been following along with my reviews of this series, then you know that I have been gifted the first book in this series, by my mom on at least four occasions. It is giving her a rather large head now that she knows I am finally reading this series and loving every minute of it! Continue reading “Review: Royal Blood (Royal Spyness #4) by Rhys Bowen”